Multiple Choice: clearly circle the correct answer (each is worth 2 points).

1. The German mark became largely worthless as the result of

a. the British invasion of Prussia.

b. hyper- inflation in 1922-1923.

c. the assassination of William II.

d. the successful communist revolution in Germany.

e. Adolph Hitler’s seizure of power in Bavaria in 1923.

2. John Maynard Keynes

a. advocated a laissez-faire economic policy.

b. desired socialism rather than capitalism.

c. claimed that the government which governed least, governed best.

d. favored tariffs and balanced budgets.

e. argued that governments should resort to deficit spending in times of depression.

3. Full employment returned to the United States as the result of

a. Roosevelt’s New Deal.

b. the Second New Deal.

c. the Munich Agreement.

d. World War II.

e. the Cold War.

4. All of the following programs were part of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal except

a. the Civilian Conservation Corps.

b. the Peace Corps.

c. Social Security.

d. the Works Progress Administration.

e. the Agricultural Adjustment Act.

5. Mohandas Gandhi

a. was educated as a lawyer in New Delhi.

b. represented Indian migrants in Dublin and Edinburgh.

c. a member of the New Party.

d. was a Muslim.

e. believed in satyagraha.

6. The major issue that divided Indian nationalists was which of the following:

a. the desire for immediate independence

b. The issue of participation in World War II

c. The desire of the Muslim League for a partition of British India

d. use of violence to drive Britain from India

e. the leadership of Gandhi

7. The father of modern Turkey was

a. T. E. Lawrence.

b. Mustapha Kemal (Ataturk).

c. Selim II.

d. Ibid Saud.

e. Abdul Hamid.

8. Ataturk attempted to

a. reconquer Mecca and Medina.

b. drive the Turks out of Asia Minor.

c. establish socialism in Turkey.

d. transform Turkey into a modern secular republic.

e. replace the Ottoman legal system with the Shari’ya (Islamic law).

9. The leading nationalist group in South Africa was which of the following?

a. South African Liberation Front

b. African National Congress

c. African Unity Organization

d. Afrikaner Party

e. Apartheid

10. In the Balfour Declaration the British promised

a. The creation of an Arab State

b. To establish a Jewish State in Palestine

c. Give independence to Egypt

d. To support the independence of Turkey

e. To divide the middle east with the French

11. According to the 1917 Mexican constitution, subsoil rights belong to

a. Foreign nationals.

b. The Mexican nation.

c. The Mexican peasantry.

d. U.S. oil companies.

e. The landowners.

12. Benito Mussolini came to power in 1922 after threatening to march on

a. the Vatican.

b. Florence.

c. Bologna.

d. Rome.

e. Berlin.

13. After the failed Beer Hall Putsch, Adolph Hitler decided to

a. overthrow the Weimar government by force, using his SA

b. return to Austria

c. use the SS to infiltrate the German army, and have the army depose the

Weimar government.

d. drop out of public sight and wait for something to happen.

e. attempt to come to power through constitutional means.

14. The Nazi party

a. had little success in becoming a mass political movement in the 1920s.

b. had some success in the 1920s, but grew significantly as the result of the

Great Depression.

c. was entirely a product of the economic crisis resulting in the Great


d. was unaffected by the Great Depression, as it had come to power before

it began.

e. allied itself with German communists in taking power in 1933.

15. The event that started World War II in Europe was

a. the German take-over of the Rhineland

b. the German take-over of Czechoslovakia

c. the German invasion of Poland

d. the German invasion of Italy

e. the German invasion of France

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