What has Prosperity Ever Done to Me?

Different kinds of energy like the renewable and non-renewable sources of energy have a great role in the human life as without it there is no way of living. The most important source of energy is the fossil fuel, although it is very dangerous as it affects the ozone layer which may create drastic environmental changes as the changes in the weather that we are witnessing right now, or the melt-down of the ice which may create an international flood that will drown every country on the face of the earth, yet the high places of the earth will stay non-drowned.  Yet, there must be an international head to the usage of renewable sources of energy like the usage of solar energy, wind, or the usage of the power of the tides. These sources of energy are non-ending, but the usage of them is so expensive because the preparation to use these sources of energy is as hard as it needs a lot of place and time to start using it and their outcome cannot be viewed in instance as it needs many years unlike non-renewable energy. Therefore, the writer in his essay views that the continuing in the usage of fossil fuels as a type of energy can help in the increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Many scientists assumed that the usage of fossil fuels in the industrial purposes can lead to its accumulation for ages. Furthermore, there is no other way to use different sources of energy other than carbon dioxide and even the types of modern technology that is used right now cannot make us eliminate the whole amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Thus, the writer mentions the problem in his essay that the next generation from the children and our grandchildren to get the best of the world and the best of energy there must be an international head for the usage of renewable sources of energy, although it is so expensive but it is the safest source of energy ever in comparison with the non-renewable source of energy as a result there must be a solution for this dilemma for the younger generation.

Furthermore, to discuss the thesis and the main dilemma of the context some of the scientists and Prime Ministers view that there is no any sense of commitment towards the new generations like what have been said the Senator Henry while he was discussing the rights the new generation has on us to live the same life that we lived. The writer also have a different point of view as he shows that they would be lucky if they breathe the air that we breathe right now because the air they will have would be more polluted than the air, and also the water would be lesser and more polluted. Moreover, if the upcoming generations have the opportunity to live in a less polluted environment that would be a greater chance that the present generation did not have. Yet, if that did not happen the next generations must not complain at all. Thus, this perspective creates a sense of debate between many writers.

Firstly, the writer Brian Barry views that the current generations and the one that follows pays for the faults of the upcoming generations as a result the future generation would not have the same privilege that we have right now. The critic also views that we are the persons to blame and to be put on trial for the amount of pollution that we have done for the environment and also for the consumption of the sources of energy that are needed to be used right now and for the future generations. The writer also shows the benefits that will come to us from preserving power and using it well  as it will return with benefit to all of the human beings and will return by such a benefit like the satisfaction and self-pleasure that is reached from the living in a non-polluted environment.

Thus, by the way we are moving right  now there is no truce can be reached  and the world peace and standing against the global warming by  making every person stand by his own and act by his own means to satisfy what he wants in  his own ways and to react socially to create their own rules and laws . Barry also adds that each one of the upcoming generations will stay in his own island, viewing his own problems. The resources of the generation will be confined and every person must show what he will do and what he will use whether a renewable or non-renewable source of energy. They will also have to exchange their sources of energy as nobody can live with a source of energy only.

Barry also asks a question that what will happen if the justice is applied, the result there will be no monopolizing in the usage of powers and sources of energy, powers will be used worldwide. He explains why he is against the point of view of saving the energy for the upcoming generations as the upcoming generations can figure out the way they can get out and extract the source of energy as they also have their own part in preserving the cleanliness of the environment and to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide used.

According to my point of view, the pollution and the consumption of the resources of energy is done throughout the beginning of history especially through the First World War and the amount of pollution  that has been produced because of the usage of the nuclear weapon and the building of factories all around the world as these types of factories produce large amounts of carbon dioxide which helped in the creation of the Ozone hole which lead to  the allowance of the entry of harmful sun rays that as a result lead to the melt down of the northern and southern poles which will  create a tremendous flood. Also, the result of the ozone hole there has been drastic climate changes that created devastating hurricanes and earthquakes not simple ones like that used to happen in the past. Thus, we must take good care of our planet earth for the upcoming generations so that needs a safe place to live in and we must corporate together to discover new sources of energy and preserve and widen the old ones. Besides, the ways that can be used to reduce pollution and preserve energy is choosing the transportation means wisely as walking or riding a bike whenever it is possible as the person must stop using the car for short trips like going to work or to the park as this usage would be like a sport and it will reduce the carbon dioxide in the air, also it can be used to generate electricity. Another way is using the means of transportation like the metro, train and bus that will reduce carbon dioxide releases. Make less trips as when the person makes less trips a day it will lead to consuming around 20% of the fuel and  that will reduce the emissions of the carbon dioxide and will help preserve the fuel  that is used for more important matters. Therefore, we are responsible for the upcoming generations and the environment that they will live in and it’s our duty to prevent the judgment that the next generation will put upon us.

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