Visual Elements Questions


Visual Elements: 75 points possible. There are 15 terms; each term is worth 5 points for a total of 75 points. Clearly identify all terms you are addressing. Any term not addressed will receive 0 points. Provide specific examples. For example, don’t just say “there are lines,” give specific examples of how line is used in the piece you selected. You will receive 1-5 points for each term based on the depth of your response to each term.

Conclusion: 15 points possible.

Visual Elements Term Description Grading

“A” term Descriptions, 5 points

1. Concrete and relevant terms used

2. Meaningful determinations based on insightful and personal observations

3. Superior analysis of theme / artwork

4. Clearly outstanding use of terminology

“B” term Descriptions, 4 points

1. Fluency, clarity, and accuracy of special vocabulary and use of terminology

2. Effective structure of theme and analysis of artwork

3. Full understanding of approach undertaken

4. Exposition of analysis in analytical manner

“C” term Descriptions, 3 points

1. Clarity and appropriate grammar usage and use of terminology

2. Reasonable organization of thesis

3. Logical assumptions

“D or F” term Descriptions, 2-0 points

1. Response is not clear, poor to no use of terminology, very brief

2. Poor organization

3. Incorrect assumptions

Midterm Paper Rubric
Criteria Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Introduction 10-9 points

Introduces piece with required components, and a precise, knowledgeable overview of description and interpretation with thesis statement

8-7 points

Introduces piece with required components and an overview of description and interpretation with thesis statement.

6-1 points

Introduces piece with partial and/or inaccurate components and includes only a brief or vague overview and thesis statement.

0 points

Introduction is incomplete or not present and does not correctly introduce piece or present an overview and thesis statement.

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