Usage of Nanotechnology in Energy Air and Water


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· Tutor-marked assignments

· Be aware that the eTMA file-size limit for T450 TMA 01 is 5 Mbytes.  The file-size limit for TMAs 02 and 03 is 10 Mbytes each. All eTMAs must be in doc, rtf, xls, ppt or pps format, and zipped files containing documents in these formats are also acceptable. Be aware that PDF documents are not acceptable.

Tutor-marked assignment TMA T450 01

The cut-off date for this assignment is midday on Thursday 19 March 2015.

This assignment is compulsory. If you do not submit it, you will fail T450.

It contributes 25% towards the overall mark for the continuous assessment, and requires a minimum mark of 30%.

Completing your assignment

Use the A4 paper size for your word-processed document, and put your name, your personal identifier, the module code and the assignment number at the top of every page.


If you take material from an Open University module or elsewhere and incorporate it in your answer word for word, you must indicate where you have taken it from. Not to do so is termed ‘plagiarism’ and is regarded as an infringement of copyright. To attempt to pass off such work as your own is cheating. One of the benefits of having electronic copies of work is the ease with which they can be checked for plagiarism. T450 currently uses both Copycatch and Turnitin.

You must therefore acknowledge all your sources of information. This includes any work done by colleagues on other parts of a larger project. You will find further guidance on what constitutes plagiarism and how to use quotations and references in the subsection of the Technology project support material entitled ‘Conventions for References’ within the section Preparing a Report. The Technology project support material can be downloaded from the module website.

There is further help on StudentHome. This can be found in the Assessment, assignments and examinations section under the Help menu. It is titled Plagiarism.

Word limits

In several parts of the assignments there are word limits. These are not meant to be unhelpful irritations, but guides to the depth required for the section. It is an important discipline to be able to write to a specified length. Being underlength could mean that important detail is missing, while being overlength often reflects a lack of structure and thoughtfulness. On the plus side, it is not necessary to include any text from the appendices in the word count, nor from any diagrams or graphs

Question 1 Define your project proposal using the structure given below

· a.Specific title and aim(s) for the project

· [Learning outcomes. To identify and refine objectives and content for your project.]


· i.Give the specific title you have chosen for your project.

· ii.Give the aim(s) of your project – write a brief, clear statement of about 150 words that summarises what you intend to achieve in your project.

(10 marks)

Study notes

The 10 marks are broken down as follows:

· 3 marks for a specific title that falls within the scope of your subject area and clearly identifies your chosen topic

· 7 marks for a clear statement of your aims, which may be in list form if you wish.

· b.Description of the project

[Learning outcomes. To identify and refine objectives and content for your project.To gather, analyse, evaluate and use relevant material to complete your project.An understanding of and ability to apply the relevant principles within the context of the body of knowledge appropriate to an honours degree level project.The ability to integrate engineering knowledge across traditional academic boundaries.]

Write between 600 and 850 words describing how you plan to fulfil your aims: what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. You should be thinking in terms of an engineering question that you are looking to answer. This should include a description of your objectives at each stage of your project, of how they link together and how they will fulfil the learning outcomes.

It is in this section that you will be defining the scope of your project, therefore you should identify specific areas of the OU level-3 materials that you expect to be using. You should also say how you propose to incorporate material from other parts of your engineering studies.

You should address the specific guidelines of the theme you have chosen. Use around 100 words to describe how your aims fit with the expectations. It is important that you stay within the boundaries set by the guidelines.

The subject of your project needs to offer problems which are non-trivial and are rooted in the real world. Being able to show that you can tackle complex, open-ended engineering problems in a professional way is the principal aim of T450.

(35 marks)

Study notes

The 35 marks are broken down as follows:

· 2 marks for consistency of project aims with your specific title

· 4 marks for addressing the learning outcomes of application of principles and concepts from OU level-3 study and integrating engineering knowledge across academic boundaries

· 8 marks for consistency with the specific guidelines of the project theme

· 16 marks for appropriateness and realisability of the project in both depth and extent

· 5 marks for effective presentation of your work, including good and clear English and logical development of ideas.

You will be penalised if you do not state how many words you have used in part (b) or if your answer falls outside the given limits. This penalty may be as much as 5 marks.

· c.Schedule for the project

[Learning outcomes. To organise yourself and your work appropriately.]

Give an outline schedule for the rest of your work on this project. This should include a definition of the planned tasks, estimates of their duration and their relationship to each other, for example concurrent or sequential.

In order to complete your project, you may anticipate requiring equipment or software. If so, your tutor needs to know about such a requirement. If you do anticipate any such requirement, state what it is and what you have done, or intend to do, to ensure you are able to meet it. Alternatively, if you do not anticipate requiring any extra equipment or software, briefly explain how your needs are met.

(10 marks)

Question 2 Evaluating your bibliography

[Learning outcomes. To gather, analyse, evaluate and use relevant material.]

For the first stage of your literature review, you will identify suitable references. This section will require you to judge the importance of these.

· a.Bibliography. Give full references, in a standard format (as discussed on the Technology project support material in the subsection entitled ‘Conventions for References’ in the section Preparing a Report), to no fewer than three and no more than five papers or other documents you found useful in choosing your project and/or expect to find useful in doing your project. These should be subject-specific documents; they should not relate to the general topic of project work. In addition, they should not include any set books for your related OU level-3 module and they should not all come from the same source. The Technology project support material can be downloaded from the module website.

(4 marks)

· b.Choose one of the references and summarise it briefly in about 150 words for your tutor. Then explain in another 200 words or so, what its value has been in defining the problem that you propose working on.

(11 marks)

Study notes

The 11 marks are spread between the following:

· a clear and concise summary of your chosen document that enables your tutor to know what the document is about, even if he or she is not familiar with it

· evidence in your explanation that you understand your chosen document

· consistency between the subject matter of your chosen document, your explanation and your proposed project.

· c.Summarise what you consider to be the purpose and components of a literature review. (10 marks

Question 3 How have you developed the project aims over the period since you started?

[Learning outcomes. To learn independently and reflect on what you have learnt.] This part of the assignment asks you to reflect on your project work so far. This covers the period from when you first learned of the generic titles up to the submission of this assignment. You should refer to your project log in responding to the following questions.

· a.Consider the methods that you have used to produce your proposal. Which methods used to develop your project aims have worked well? Which methods did not? Why was this? What would you do differently? (10 marks)

· b.Describe how you have responded to discussion with your tutor and to the feedback you received from your proposal. (6 marks)

· c.Attach your initial proforma and any emails with your tutor regarding your discussions in an appendix to this assignment.(4 marks)

Study note

You should produce between 200 and 400 words in total for Question 3. This is a rough guide to indicate the depth required and you will not be penalised directly for failing to keep to the word count.

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