Reflection Tracking Consumption

Water Consumption

Before start doing the exercise I was thinking what’s the purpose of this assignment, after I was tracking myself over the 6 days I found myself I’m a sleepless person. I surprised that I do a lot of recycling the water bottles and used a lot of electrics like sometime I keep the lights on for the whole day. Also, I notice that I used a lot of running the water while cleaning the dishes or shower.

I think the sorts of things would be hard to give up or change will be the water, because I have to do with the water a lot at my home. Water is the needs and habits that I depend on most and I can use it instead of lights or charging the phones or I pad even the TV, total dependence on water use which I think it will be hard for me as a mom to change or give up.

I enjoy doing this assignment and I find it very useful and will help me in the future to track everything and then trying to find out what’s the most important thing I have to change. For example, I can use this assignment to track what my son doing over the 7 days and figure out what I should to changed in his daily life. I guess the most difficult part is to track how many times using the lights on.

Trying to reduce the used of water by mange it without negatively affecting my quality of my life, is to teach my kids not using a lot of flush the water toilet because my daughter recently find that is like a game but I will try to manage that just to reduce using the water and absolutely it will not affect my life. My goal is to keep doing reducing the use of water by putting specific rules for my kids. I think we all need to make choices what we consume and how we use the power to keep the environment low and trying as much as we can just to help the environment grow and help other people.

There are almost 7 goals in use alternative water supplies to reduce pressure on water resources. Treatment of water produced from the house for use in other purposes. Wash cars or bikes on grass to take advantage of water at the same time fix taps in the event of any leaks. Make sure that there is no leaking in the toilet, by using a few drops of color inside the toilet tank, then watching the movement of water if there is leaking or not. Minimize the duration of bathing to provide water the aim of rationalizing water consumption is to avoid wastewater. Reduce the bill value of water consumption. General rationalization of water consumption in various, sectors such as agriculture, tourism and irrigation. Maintain safe drinking water and direct individuals to optimize their use.

1. What patterns of consumption appear over the 6 day period? Were you surprised by any of the results? Explain.

2. What sorts of things would be hard to give up or change? Which needs and habits do you depend on most? What was most difficult about the assignment?

3. What could you do to reduce your consumption without negatively affecting your quality of life? (set a few specific, concrete goals).

· I require you to do three difficult exercises. First, I ask you to find engage your community in environmental action and awareness by finding an opportunity to serve an environmental organization. Second, I had you consider your everyday material practices in terms of their environmental impacts (Tracking Resource Consumption Exercise).

Next, I expect you to actively confront your ecological footprint and its implications by living as close to “No Impact” as possible for one day.

Now that you are aware of the natural resource requirements your life entails, you have an opportunity to experience living your life with minimal environmental impact. For this “Low Impact” exercise, you must examine and suspend what may have become habits related to gas, electricity, batteries, transportation, food and drink. For one day (from the time you wake up until you go to bed), you should avoid using any gas, electricity, batteries, or a private vehicle. You are permitted to use non-vehicular transportation (bicycle, chair, skateboard) or mass transit. You also may not consume processed foods, drinks or bottled water (unless required for safety) and should avoid packaging unless you recycle or compost it. Try not to consume any foods that come from more than 200 miles away and make a note if you do. Finally, for this one day, you must fulfill any social needs without spending money (you are permitted to use money only to purchase mass transit tickets or fresh, local foods on this day). If you break one of the rules, explain which rule you broke, why you broke it, and what would have to happen for you to be able to follow it.

Journal about your experience throughout the day. Include your reactions to each facet of the assignment and any difficulties and challenges you experienced.

· What were the highlights?

· What did you do differently during this day?

· What did you notice?

· What enduring lessons might come from your “Low Impact” Day?

The assignment will be graded based on the extent to which you endeavor to follow the rules as well as the completeness of your journal and responses to the above questions.

Please follow the rules

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