PSYCHOLOGY 2315 – When a distribution has a positive

When a distribution has a positive skew:A. The median is greater than the meanB. The mean and the median are equalC. The mean and the median are the sameA psychologist is interested in studying aggressive tendencies in people and develops a measureof this personality characteristic. Aggression has become a(n)__________ in the study.A.B.C.D.Abstract conceptValueVariableScoreWhich of the following is an example of an equal-interval variable?A. Number of friends a person has (2, 3, etc.)B. Results of a horse race (1st, 2nd, etc.)C. Numbers printed on the back of a basketball team’s jerseys (21, 43, etc.)In a histogram, the horizontal dimension displays a:A. Mean scoreB. Range of possible values the variable can haveC. FrequencyWhen a distribution has a positive skew, it means that:A.B.C.D.The scores are evenly distributedThere is a ceiling effectThere are more scores piled up at the low end of the rangeThere are more scores piled up at the high end of the rangeWhen a distribution is heavy-tailed, it means that:A.B.C.D.It has a flat appearance with many scores at the extremes (tails)It has a peaked appearance with few scores at the extremes (tails)It is skewed to the leftIt is skewed to the rightUsing the “peg and hole” analogy, work analysis is used to:A. Change the shape of the holeB. Establish the shape of the pegC. Establish the shape of the holePhysically attractive people are often rated or judged higher than average looking people on suchfactors as popularity, leadership and achievement, when in reality there is no association betweenphysical attractiveness and those other aspects of human behavior. In the language of I/Opsychology, physical attractiveness has what effect on the ratings of these other aspects ofbehavior?A. Source of deficiencyB. Source of relevanceC. Source of contaminationAn I/O psychologist develops a “multiple uses test” to assess creativity. Individuals who identifymore uses of a paper clip, for example, are deemed more creative. Creativity represents the_____ criterion, while the multiple uses test represents the _____ criterion.A. Structured: actualB. Structured: multipleC. Conceptual: actualBecause of the rapid changes in society, some I/O psychologists have proposed that thetraditional meaning of this long-used term is starting to weaken.A.B.C.D.Job familyPositionTaskJobPolice officers who question multiple witnesses to a crime are primarily concerned with the_____ reliability of the eyewitnesses’ account.A. Internal consistencyB. Inter-raterC. Test-retestBefore most companies will consider internet test results submitted by a candidate, thecompanies insist that the tests be:A. ProctoredB. Measures of general mental abilityC. Followed up by a telephone interviewPsychological testing is most often criticized by people who:A. State the hiring ( or admitting) organization failed to make clear passing score on thetestB. Believe the cost of being evaluated is excessiveC. Were rejected for selection (or admission)

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