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1.  Provide an example of a law enforcement agency in the United States that has implemented effective operational security (OPSEC) procedures since 9/11?

An example of a law enforcement agency that has increased its OPSEC since the 9/11 attacks is the department of homeland security. The department of homeland security has increased there OPSEC because of 9/11 and are trying to prevent another terrorist attack from Happening in the United States. However, every law enforcement agency around the United States now has a newly minted OPSEC policy. I know that in the United States Army we had classes on OPSEC more times, than I can count. There was one time when an individual posted a mission time and destination on social media and we had to change our whole mission and discipline that particular soldier for their actions. This could have gotten us injured or killed. OPSEC is vitally important to law enforcement because when we go to take out an intended target it is important they do not know that we are coming.

2.  What were the OPSEC procedures?

OPSEC has its very own unique feature. A five-step process controls this. The first one that the department of homeland security uses is apply countermeasure. This is when they obtain all the assorted information and will apply the OPSEC measures to tackle the incident at hand. The next step is that we have to analyze the vulnerabilities. This is when the OPSEC will find all the holes and will find a way to close all the loops in there vulnerabilities to ensure the OPSEC cannot be broken again or have the enemy find its way in. The next step is identify critical information. This is OPSEC step when we take our time to analyze the information at hand. This will give OPSEC the chance to analyze all the Intel and information that is in front of them. This will give OPSEC its title and what information we are trying to protect. The fourth step is assess the risk. This is where OPSEC will take the information and assess our risk of what is going on. This will give us what risk countermeasure we need to take on the situation. The last step is to analyze the threat. This is where OPSEC will come into play and give us the information and tools on how to analyze and deal with the threat at hand. OPSEC has many steps and all need to be followed In order to be sure that our information and security remains where it should be at all times.

3.  Describe what problems you envision the lack of an effective OPSEC program could hold for a local, county, state, tribal, or federal law enforcement agency.

In any program, a lack of OPSEC there will be unseen consequences for all parties involved. Lack of OPSEC and letting criminals know what we are doing will result in poor results for the law enforcement parties involved and will most likely get someone injured or even the possibility that they can be killed because of the lack of OPSEC. OPSEC is extremely important to any law enforcement agency because OPSEC creates our operational capabilities in the field and in every manner, which OPSEC is required for. OPSEC is single handily more important to any operation and law enforcement agency and our operations start with OPSEC.

Post 2

1.  Provide an example of a law enforcement agency in the United States that has implemented effective operational security (OPSEC) procedures since 9/11?

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was created by the Patriot Act of 2001 after the 911 tragedy. This federal agency serves as the lynchpin of operational security (OPSEC) in the post 911 environment (dhs.gov, 2019). DHS is probably the most glaring example of a law enforcement agency that has implemented OPSEC on a national level. The have been part of the intelligence cycle for almost twenty years. Before 911, there was limited sharing of intelligence form collecting, analyzing, validating, and dissemination of information across local and federal law enforcement agencies. DHS has provided mechanisms which serves as the conduit for all intelligence gleaned for distribution to various agencies. They also provide safe guarding, preservation, and dissemination of protected information through an in-depth operational security plan (OPSEC).

2.  What were the OPSEC procedures?

OPSEC procedures consist of a five step process according to DHS directive: identify critical information, analyze the threat, analyze the vulnerabilities, assess the risk, and apply countermeasures (dhs.gov, 2019). DHS applies OPSEC across the chain of command and each division chief, operations divisions, and field agents are trained to apply OPSEC across operational command structure. As with many large federal organizations, OPSEC is taken very seriously throughout the organization and CBT modules are required for concurrent training standards to ensure compliance. The program is only as effective as the training provided. Law enforcement agencies must ensure OPSEC compliance to prevent lapses in judgment by personnel that could compromise an ongoing investigation or planned operation for the future.

3.  Describe what problems you envision the lack of an effective OPSEC program could hold for a local, county, state, tribal, or federal law enforcement agency.

An effective OPSEC program is essential in the modern law enforcement era. Without it, it would spell disaster for many law enforcement agencies. The potential for operational plans could be compromised and potentially cause great harm to personnel. Furthermore, social media plays a vital role in daily communications in the current climate. If a hacker were to penetrate social media accounts of personal or agency accounts, it could cause great disruption due to information that may be leaked to the public. There must be accountability and transparency to forge strong public trust in the law enforcement agencies. In order to maximize operational capacity and security, OPSEC must be executed at the highest level by all who actively participate in law enforcement operations.

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