Mexican American Government


Read each question carefully. Make sure all responses are typed and quoted materials are used sparingly. No more than 9 total lines of quoted material can be used throughout your entire exam. Each line of quoted material over the maximum allowed will result in 3-points deducted per overage. Half lines or less of quoted material over the maximum allowed will result in 1.5 points deducted per overage. All quoted material must be cited appropriately.

All exams must be submitted to (see week 8 learning module for submission link) on or before Sunday by 11:59 p.m. Include a cover page with your name, course and section numbers, and semester (fall 2017). Students must upload their final exam responses as one complete document (do not cut and paste final exam responses). Students will have only one opportunity to upload their exam. No late exams will be accepted.

*For clarity purposes – The final exam does not allow more than 9 lines of quoted material. This does not mean 9 different/separate quotes, but actual lines of quoted material. It is the student’s responsibility to properly cite all quoted material.

Section 1 Directions: Students must respond to one (1) mandatory question and seven (7) additional questions from the list below for a total of 8 responses. In order to receive maximum points for each key term, students must discuss each term in the manner discussed within the course. Section 1 is worth a total of 25-points.





Manifest destiny

Mexican American War


Operation wetback


Sleepy Lagoon Incident/Case

Zoot Suit Riots

Civil disobedience

*Bracero programs I & II (Mandatory response – 4 points)

Hernandez v. Texas (1954)

Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Cesar Chavez

Political participation

Section 2 Directions: Students must respond to two (2) mandatory questions and one (1) additional question from the list below. In order to receive maximum points for each essay question, students must discuss each question in accordance to the context of the question and subject matter discussed within the course.

All responses must be double-spaced with one double-space between paragraphs using Times New Roman font (size 12) only. When responding to each question, do not restate the entire question; simply include the question number listed below. Students SHOULD NOT include any personal opinions or personal experiences within their responses. Failure to follow the requirements will result in significant point deductions.

Section 2 is worth a total of seventy-five (75) points. Each question is worth twenty-five (25) points.

1. What guarantees did the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo offer former Mexican subjects in the new U.S. Southwest? Why were these guarantees largely meaningless? (Be specific in your response.) Half-page minimum response length.

2. Discuss the early political, economic, and social treatment of Mexican Americans in the U.S. Include how this treatment lead to the prolonged disenfranchisement of Mexican Americans in U.S. (Be specific in your response.) Half-page minimum response length.

3. Discuss political participation among Mexican Americans. Include a discussion of the La Raza Unida Party and why some Mexican Americans participate and why others do not. (Be specific in your response.) Half-page minimum response length.

4. Organizations such as LULAC, GI Forum, MALDEF, MAYO, and Congress of Spanish-Speaking People help to promote the interests of Mexican Americans. However, there were various interpretations on how best to fulfill this agenda. Discuss the interplay between and among these organizations and how each felt in terms of achieving civil rights, equality, and freedom from oppression for individuals of Mexican descent. (Be specific in your response.) One full page minimum response length. MANDATORY RESPONSE

5. The Chicano Movement consisted of various initiatives: Fight in the fields, Chicano student youth movement, and Chicano movement in the community/barrios. Discuss these various Chicano initiatives that make up the larger Chicano movement. How are they similar? How do they differ? What were some successes and failures? (Be specific in your response.) One full page minimum response length. MANDATORY RESPONSE

Section 3 Bonus Questions: Each correct response is worth three (2) points.

1. Who was the first individual to run for governor under the La Raza Unida Party? (First and Last names or Last name only)


2. Name one of the two founders of the La Raza Unida Party.


3. Name the Mexican American journalist killed during the Chicano Moratorium March.


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