Legal Aspects In Action


This is as three part assignment that requires field experiences and a written paper. Parts 1 and 2 involve two field experiences. These two field experiences require about ten hours of field experience which are met through an interview of the administrator and through specific observation options. This assignment is to be done independently.


You must contact a special education administrator and conduct an interview using the interview questions listed below. You are to add 2 questions of your choosing. As you interview you will write the answers provided after each question.

1. Explain the special education legal mandates that are of concern to you.

2. How do these legal mandates effect your interactions with parents and students?

3. From a legal point of view what do you expect from a special education teacher?

4. Explain how you work with Section 504?

5. How do legal concerns affect the discipline (referrals and suspension of students?

6. What is your experience working with advocate and lawyers?

7. What kind of training have you received for working with legal matters?

8. What are your biggest legal concerns and include due process, IEP’s and liability?

9. What is the most challenging legal aspect for working with special educations students and their families?

10. What advice do you have for me regarding special education law?

11. What do you feel a new teacher must know about transition planning?

12. What advice do you have for new teachers on collaborating with parents? General ed teachers? Administrators? Paraprofessionals?

13. What is the biggest or most common mistake made by new special ed teachers in regards to the law? Collaboration? And transition Planning/

14. Question you develop:

15. Question you develop


These observations are designed to improve your understanding of the legal aspects of special education. This is a menu of field experiences options for you to choose from. You are to choose 2. You may suggest an alternative observation option to your professor for approval as well.

· Observe and shadow an administrator for 2 + hours ( perhaps before or after school or on the playground)

· Attend a parent conference

· Hold discussions or mini interviews with general education teachers

· Hold discussions or mini interviews with paraprofessionals

· Hold discussions or mini interviews with school staff

· Visits to Community Agencies that provide services to students with special needs

· Conduct observations or visits to a special education program

· Conduct observations or visits to a regional or county office of education

· Visit a family with a special needs child

· Attend a support group for families of children with special needs


Your written paper is a detailed accounting, and summary of your experiences followed by insights and reflections. The paper must follow the template provided and follow APA guidelines with a cover sheet, abstract, headings and citations.





Department of Special Education

SPD 616


Part A: Interview


Name /Title of Administrator

Date Time in Time out

Name of school

School phone number

Email of Administrator

Phone number of Administrator

School data

Information from SARC (School Accountability Report Card)

You must include the following: Annual Yearly Progress (AYP), Academic

Performance Index (AYP), Number of ELL learners, Number of Special

Education students.

Interview Questions and Answers

1. List Question

Write summary of answer

2. List Question

Write summary of answer

3-15 continue as above


Narrative summary of experience and perceptions

Part B: Observation

Observation One

Explanation of Observation.

Include what observation entailed, where, with whom, contact information

Reporting of Observation

Report on what occurred in the observation

Summary of Observation

Summarize what you learned in the experience

Observation Two

Explanation of Observation.

Include what observation entailed, where, with whom, contact information

Reporting of Observation

Report and what occurred in the observation

Summary of Observation

Summarize what you learned in the experience

Insights and Reflections

Insights from Assignment

In a narrative format share insights you now have about the legal aspects of special education, collaboration and/or transition planning. Connect why you believe what you state to each of the experiences and link those insights to information from the text or other readings.



In a narrative fashion, reflect on what these new insights and understandings mean to you as a teacher and learner. What will you take with you to your teaching ? .

What you have learned about procedural safeguards? What new metacognitive understandings have you gained as a professional that will guide your future work with children? In areas you feel you need assistance?

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