Human Organ Trading

Organ Trading

Human organs are known as one of the world’s most valuable things. They are vital to all, and how they work may be the difference between life and death. We have only one of our most critical organs, and it is the end of our lives when it ceases functioning unless the individual who donated the organ receives a new organ. There is an extreme lack of organ transplants worldwide. If an injured heart, kidney, or liver is immune to all means of therapy, an organ transplant or death threatens the patient. The global organ crisis has propelled the so-called ‘black market’ industry (“black market in human organs,” n.d.). The demand is rising in society, and most donors for the organs are disadvantaged people, and the beneficiaries are wealthy people. The great question is whether the sale of human organs becomes legitimate considering the increasing need and availability of human organs?. This thesis statement sounds more like a definition argument. Please review the assignment directions to stay on track so that you can submit a successful Cause\Effect Argument Final Draft. Your thesis statement usually ends the first paragraph, and it should always forecast the direction of your argument.

Trafficking of human organs is a contentious matter for today’s culture, and people vary. It can be a heatedly argued topic of logical reasoning and points from both sides of the fence. Incomplete sentence It is not just a question; one can give a clear yes or no reply. Both decisions will have additional repercussions for this intervention. If an argument or decision concerns life and death, all sides and questions need to be studied and analyzed carefully. Debates should note the content of the case rather than who is considered to be winning. In a non-threatening and impartial setting, exposure to a qualitative argument is often referred to as imaginative or formal conflict, leading to a rigorous discussion, a clearer understanding of the problems, and stronger regard for decision-making processes. The legalization of the selling of human organs appears to be a straightforward option. They are in desperate demand, and it will give more organs to people in need by making it legal to sell them. (Dalal, 2015) Good example here for a cause\effect argument. This idea could be developed as a thesis for your essay.

The paper emphasizes the kidney’s organ and how well humans can ensure that kidneys’ trade occurs equally. The kidneys are a very significant body organ. They consist of two bean-shaped organs about the size of a fist, situated just below the ribs, and each side of the spinal cage has a kidney. The kidney is responsible for the removal of garbage, contaminants, and drugs through the urine. This paper discusses the limited regulation in the world’s countries regulating the exchange of essential species vital to life’s longevity. There is also controversy between universe governments regarding the need to forbid kidneys’ trading (Dalal, 2015). Also, the debilitating method of kidney transplantation and patient dialysis is noteworthy. The lawfulness of the body organs’ trade is also a central topic of debate; rules ensure discipline in the black markets.

The Vatican Pope argued that human kidneys should not be transplanted, but it is clear that the procedure saves many individuals’ lives in actual reality. Pope proceeds and poses a philosophical dilemma, which is considering transplanting kidneys to reduce a person’s dignity. It does not pose any potential moral concern given the inflated price of a kidney when it comes to a reservation for the wealthy in society, however expensive it may be to procure a kidney. Furthermore, people can give up their kidneys for the sake of money in third-world wide that countries. Unclear The Pope’s stance on this type of trading’s morals is also an invitation for a good re-examination and justification to enhance satisfaction. More specifically, a law is expected to direct this trade, deeply rooted in the Black Market. It helps the surgeons behave soberly instead of merely hoping for customers’ money to bring their futures on the line. Rhetoric highlights the fact that there is no regulation on the organ trade.

Regulation is vital to make sure that there is are honesty and integrity in the trading of body organs. It would reduce the number of gangs working in a predominantly black and subway market. The revenues lost every day draws much attention; they are incredibly essential to upgrade treatment services and increase rental units in medical hospitals. Other incomes could be used to prepare more surgeons to perform organ transplants that could increase the capacity to deal with critical cases like these. Subsequently, patients who receive organs lawfully reduce the world’s mortality rate. When an aged individual transplants a kidney, it can help the recipient for ten years, while a kidney from younger and healthier individual benefits the recipient for two times as long, or luckily for the whole lifetime.

It explains the truth regarding the trading of body organs, particularly the vital kidney organ that is important to clean up the body system. This essay illustrates the facts faced by individuals regarding the sale and donation of body organs. In this situation, it is the kidney through a transplant. In this essay, the audience discussed that governments worldwide explain that certain countries excel in body organ trading, with the kidney constituting a significant trade segment. Additional audiences include care practitioners who directly help manage organs and aim to change the organ’s proprietorship. In this topic, brokers who apply for the body, organs are also relevant. Sentence fragment Lastly, this essay is vital for the patients (buyer) themselves and donors who, through their tremendous commitment to supporting patients who need new organs, are not recipients.

The amount of payment of human organs is reduced, and the human organs become useful, as likely donors consider that the exchange is not a moral donation, but a transaction (Shaw & Bell, 2015). A legal, structured market for organs would not only save lives but would also encourage people to turn to the often medically faulty and hostile black market (Taylor, 2017). The easiest way to find a solution to the problem is to compensate for healthy people’s organs, but it is becoming difficult. Measures should be taken to make it easy for hospitals to reimburse donors for their costs and compensate them through Medicare and other medical insurance. Every country should take counter measures to safeguard the poorest and underprivileged populations against transplant tourism and the sale of human organs/tissues.

The sad condemnation of the humankind state is that humanity seeks to pursue a rise in profits everywhere there is a demand, even though this contributes to human exploitation. Most developed countries are said to have been worse off than before after unclear organ donation. Not just a physical regression was witnessed, but also internal deuteriation for months, if not years. The mechanism is further powered by fraudulent medical practitioners and black-market organ traders who consider the chance for financial gains, taking advantage of both the vanishing receiver and the vulnerable seller. It may be attributed to economic pressures and the inability to develop a deceased donor program due to national, social, and religious challenges.

This document contains statistics on people requiring these organs. Kidney costs are typically raised and overlooked at times. It is projected that kidney disorders impact 350,000 Americans in the final stage. It demands that this troubling number be monitored urgently. In 2000, 2,583 Americans died waiting for a kidney transplant (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 2016). Good use of cited statistics! A fresh kidney of a healthy person on the black-market costs about $150,000. In third world nations, high poverty levels cause more worry because many cannot bear those human organs’ expense. The donation of organs is the contribution of an individual’s biological tissue. That may be a deceased body or an existing person giving it to an alive individual who wants a transplant. The world’s first organ donor is considered to be Ronald Herrick. He succeeded in the transplant operation. He gave his kidney to his chronic nephritis-affected brother Richard. For Richard to survive, he required a kidney transplant. Since Ronald was capable of keeping his brother alive by transplanting the kidney, he couldn’t watch his brother die.

Doctors rejected the kidney transplant and said they had tried it once, but the operation was a failure. They didn’t know that this situation was much dissimilar altogether. Given that the tissue and genetics of both Ronald and Richard were similar (considering they were identical twins) identical, it was their most fantastic opportunity for the operation to succeed (“Transplant pioneers recall medical milestone,” 2004). The doctors consulted each other and performed the transplant, allowing Ronald to the first living donor to save another person’s life with his organ. I have understood from the story that risk-taking and opportunity are advisable. Many people have a perspective that after donating an organ to someone, their lives will not be the same healthy-wise, but that is just a belief. I disagree because Richard recovered after having undergone a transplant operation. He also married and had two healthy children and lived happily with one kidney. Nice example, but you need to add a final paragraph that contains a conclusion, and the conclusion should basically summarize and finalize your cause\effect argument.

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