Agency: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating

Structure: Formatting of your paper must use American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines. Here is a resource you may use: Papers are to be 8-12 pages of double-spaced type, not including cover page, graphs and charts, and bibliography.

Any non-text items (graphs, charts, etc) should be created by the student and included in an appendix. Margins – 1 inch on all sides The paper should follow conventional structure for academic writing. Include an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

The body of the paper should include subheadings that either adheres to the following outline, or subheadings of the students own choosing that included the information in the outline.

The conclusion should restate the main points and tie together all the concepts presented in the body of the paper. Recommendations may be presented if appropriate. Papers should reference a minimum of 8 sources. If you use a source and list it in your references you must include citations in the paper for that source.

Term Paper Content There should be a logical flow to the content of the paper. Papers should include:

Introduction Introductions also include a thesis statement or research questions that the paper will address. Make sure the introduction introduces the regulation, not simply the topic.


The following sections should be included with properly formatted subheaders. Students may add

additional subheadings if they feel it improves organization.


Define any terms. Answer the questions Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why +Need

Discuss the potential market failure implications that you feel made this problem amenable to be addressed through regulation.


Are there any free market alternatives that have tried to or could address the issue? +Stakeholders

those who benefit and those who are impacted ‘negatively’. Consider the impact on the business of health care and/or other agencies potentially impacted by the regulation


Cost can be financial or non-financial. Consider costs disclosed in the regulation, but also those that are not directly incurred by the government (research, paperwork, training, preparation, etc based costs) Non-financial costs may be time, societal, opportunity, or other indirectly experienced costs)

+Impact and Effectiveness

This must be supported by researched evidence to support your position. Conclusion

What conclusions can be drawn from this research? +Reflection

What are your personal opinions on the topic after doing your research? What did you learn? How did you feel the writing process worked for you? What would you have done differently knowing what you know now?