Gentrification Replay

Need to Respond to this:

1. T. B.

Gentrification can be seen to have more of a negative outcome than a positive one. Gentrification helps move populations in a city or town and betters the community by look, residency, and redesign of buildings and companies. Having all of the change can raise the income of those already living in the area, that can cause the current residents to be forced out of their own homes by increased house value and rates. Revitalization is an investment in the community which can be more positive because it can help motivate the population to be active in the community. A feral community is when more than a million people live in a single state. With this, the government would not be able to maintain the law in the community. This can have a negative impact for future generations and cities because without an enforced law it can damage communities and make populations unsafe to live in.

Bottom of Form

Need to Respond to this:

2. L. S.

According to the PowerPoint gentrification is when there is an increasing shift in income, house values, education and job levels (in class) , that then causes inequality to increases as well as widening the gap between the rich and poor. On the other hand revitalization is where a new investment or renew of a community. When doing is the main focus be would on the residents without having a “big class shift”. Lastly, defining the feral community is a “metropolis with a population of more than a million people in a state.” Gentrification can be seen as a negative because it can change the cultural standards of the neighborhood, makes some communities poorer, it raises the cost to rent, and it causes the rich to get richer while the poor become poorer. Then again, it could bring the city more money, create new jobs, new housing opportunities and more. Revitalization can affect the community in a positive way by wanting to change starting with the grass root people. This can then lead to a better and healthier community.

Need to Respond to this:

3. T. A. 

How gentrification, revitalization and feral communities can shape the communities of the future in both positive and negative ways

Gentrification/ An upward shift in income, house values, education and occupational levels (in class), it increasing inequality in the community which is negative thing for the lower class.  Revitalization / a renewed pride and investment in a community, mainly on the part of the residents, without a big class shift. I think it is a positive and it can lead to succus.  feral communities/  it is risky and capricious. With such a gigantic hole between the wealthiest and least fortunate people in the network, it’s elusive great projects that address the requirements of individuals in each class. This sets up a few impediments for the future network in circumstances and with respect to wellbeing aberrations. It may set up the wealthiest pieces of the network for a positive future, however the negatives in this season of network are a lot more noteworthy.



Need to Respond to this:

4. M. A. 

I imagine that Gentrification is the drawback to renewal. All together for a network to be renewed I feel as if there must be some sort of improvement. To revive a zone, I believe that better training and living circumstances are typically required and when you do this to a network people of center and privileged will undoubtedly move to the territory in light of improved conditions. Non domesticated networks are essentially formed by these choices.


L. W.:

My target population is going to high schoolers with an intellectual or developmental disability within Bowling Green, KY. I chose this community because there is a lack of preparedness for these individuals when transitioning from a high school schedule to an adult life schedule. Many people do not know, but when an individual with a disability turns 21 years old, they are no longer welcome back at their high school. So whether your birthday is on the first day of school or the last day of school, the day after you turn 21, you are no longer permitted to be back in the high school. The challenge with this is that since there is so little emphasis on transition, this slaps many of these students in the face since they have had a routine ingrained into their life since they were very young. For anyone who’s ever had a relationship with someone with a disability, it is a known fact that this community best thrives on a consistent schedule. So when that schedule is abruptly changed, behavioral and emotional issues are often the after math while coping with the adjustment.  So for my project, I wanted to create a coalition that would emphasize the need for transition from high school to adult life. I believe that reaching out to relevant organization leaders who advocate for these individuals, mental health professionals, state leaders such as Matt Bevin, high school teachers and even parents affected by these changes, we can get insight and enough data to get a motion rolling for change. By getting this information from these people, it will be easier to build this program up with as many of sides of the intervention as we’ll have! Of course, then goals and strategies will be created and utilized to build up the program.

By using the MAPP model, I will be thoroughly implementing and promoting a program to instill change. By going through all six phases of the MAPP model, you are insuring that you are covering all of your bases in an organized fashion, while challenging yourself to think of issues that may arise later, and how to solve those issues. Since MAPP relies on partnerships and participation from members, this is also a great way to network and to use people’s strengths to further your cause. Hearing out your colleagues is important, and in fact, is part of the 3 keys to MAPP!

THE Respond :

Dear L. W. :-

I realy appreciated your thinking about the target population that going to high schoolers with an intellectual or developmental disability within Bowling Green, KY, and how you can improve this target by using the MAPP model. So, you have a great idea about the target and you used the concept of the MAPP that is a shift from a focus on the agency to a focus on the community and the entire public health system. So, when you discusses your target community, try to bring everyone’s collective wisdom together to be hand by hand with you to achieve a better society and great future for those people who have the disability and facing difficult when they try to enter the high school. Therefore, by gathering all of the assets and resources within the community, the community is able to determine how best to use collective wisdom to create a healthier community. This MAPP process is a new way of doing business, and improve our community life by a great strategic planning tool.


The Other Example :


The 12 Ethical Principles are very very similar to the 10 essential public health services. These ethical principles are clarifying the distinctive elements of public health. They make the services and principles clear to communities and populations that they serve and give a standard that these services should be held accountable to. The 12 principles also define as a society what public health does for the community and population that they serve.

The `12 principles of public health practices are based upon the 11 values and beliefs of public health. The values and beliefs are a foundation for the principles to be built upon. The 11 values are assumptions of public health practice that are the underlying for human and civil rights that are the underpinning for the 12 principles.

Going into a community it is important to remember that the members of the community have the best insight into what is going on.  These individuals have rights that have to be respected. The individuals of the community must have trust in the information that I am giving them, so adequate resources and information are required. Collaborating with other health agency to make a web of resources also help the education process become more effective. Making sure it is prominent that the purpose of the efforts is to better the community and that all individuals can become involved. Empowering those individuals to take control makes the program and efforts more effective. I would need to make sure that every individual has the knowledge and resources to make the decisions to make changes. I would need to make sure all public health services were available to the community. Following the code of ethics would also lead to all conflicts and disputes being handled properly.

THE Respond :

Dear B: I support your argument that 12 Ethical Principles and ten essential public health services have major similarities. However, I would like to understand some of the strategies used by the public health departments in making codes guiding their services and principles known to communities and populations they serve. I also agree that values and beliefs play a significant role in the development of public health principles

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