ENV100T Week 3 WileyPLUS Weekly Exam

Question 1

How are San Francisco, California, and Mount Saint Helens, Washington related?

Both lie on a geological plate boundary.

Both are part of the same mountain range.

They were formed by the same volcanic event.

Both are regions of upwelling.

Question 2

In soil formation, the parent material provides:



water-holding capacity


Question 3

What percentage of the earth’s land area is suitable for agriculture?





Question 4

Which of the following identifies a method used to separate impurities from molten metal?



mine drainage


Question 5

Which of the following statements about nutrient cycling is TRUE?

Bacteria and fungi are involved in nutrient cycling as they decompose detritus transforming large organic molecules into small inorganic molecules, including carbon dioxide, water, and nutrient minerals like nitrates.

Nutrient cycling is the pathway of various nutrient minerals or elements from the environment through organisms and back to the environment.

Nonliving processes are also involved in nutrient cycling, such as the weathering of the parent material replaces some nutrient minerals lost through erosion.

All of the above statements are true about nutrient cycling.

Question 6

Contour plowing, strip cropping, and terracing are soil conservation methods that are BEST suited to which of the following situations?

Arid soils prone to salinization

Nitrogen depleted soils

Reclaimed mine areas

Soils located on slopes

Question 7

In the diagram below, the horizontal layers are called ___ while the entire vertical section of the soil from surface to bedrock is called ___.

soil horizons…soil profile


soil profile…leaching

humus…soil horizons

Question 8

Which of the following minerals is INCORRECTLY paired with its use(s)?

aluminum – electrical wiring

iron – steel

sand – glass and concrete

sulfur – making plastics and wallboard

Question 9

The hill of loose rock produced as a by-product of strip mining is known as:


a spoil bank.

an open pit.

acid mine drainage.

Question 10

Fifty percent of all the wood that is harvested from the world’s forests is:

made into furniture

used in producing paper

burned directly as fuelwood

used to make children’s toys

Question 11

Public lands may be used for:

resource extraction

livestock grazing

wildlife habitat

all of the above

Question 12

What is the relationship of overgrazing to desertification?

Overgrazing is the destruction of a grassland ecosystem; desertification is the destruction of a desert ecosystem.

Overgrazing results in barren exposed soil; if erosion continues, it contributes to desertification.

Overgrazing is brought about by livestock operations; desertification is brought about by crop cultivation.

Overgrazing and desertification are both a result of the introduction of non-native species coupled with extended droughts.

Question 13

Sustainable forestry:

seeks to conserve forests for the long-term commercial harvest of timber and non-timber forest products by maintaining a mix of forest trees, by age and species, rather than imposing a monoculture.

due to the complexity of goals, is most effective when it involves cooperation among environmentalists, loggers, farmers, indigenous peoples, and local, state, and federal governments.

approaches vary from one forest ecosystem to another, in response to different environmental, cultural, and economic conditions.

is all of the above.

Question 14

Which of the following statements about forests in the U.S. is FALSE?

The majority (well over 50%) of U.S. forests are owned and managed by private individuals.

Forests in the eastern U.S. are holding steady or even expanding due to secondary succession on abandoned farmland.

One of the biggest threats to forests in the U.S. is their potential subdivision and conversion to suburban development like housing and shopping malls.

Projected conversion of forests to agriculture, urban, and suburban lands over the next 40 years will have the greatest potential impact in the south.

Question 15

Habitat corridors are intended to provide:

additional habitat fragmentation.

increase in species richness within forest monocultures.

a means for controlling insect pests and invasive species.

a means of migration so animals can interbreed.

Question 16

What is the reason that forests tend to be cooler and moister than surrounding open lands?



canopy cover


Question 17

A protected zone that connects isolated unlogged or undeveloped areas is called:

a habitat corridor

sustainable forestry

shelterwood cutting

a monoculture

Question 18

Which of the following is a benefit of pesticide use?

with repeated application of pesticide, pests develop genetic resistance

pesticides reduce the amount of crop lost through competition with weeds

pesticides exhibit persistence, degrading slowly

pesticides show mobility, moving other than where they were applied

pesticidesbioaccumulate in the food chain

Question 19

Which of the following statements about pesticides is false?

The prolonged use of a particular pesticide can cause a pest population to develop genetic resistance to it.

Most pesticides affect more species than the pests for which they are intended.

Pesticides applied to agricultural lands tend to stay where they are applied.

Most pesticides are chemically stable and do not degrade readily in the environment.

Pesticides reduce the amount of crop loss through consumption by insects.

Question 20

What would a narrow-spectrum pesticide kill?

its target organism

indiscriminate organisms in the vicinity of its spray

thin-leaved plants

tapered insects such as wasps and ants

all organisms in a restricted range

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