Business Process Management (BPM)

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Business Process Management (BPM)




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Business Process Management (BPM)

When it comes to business, the unhappiest customers are the biggest source of learning and achieving business success. Business Process Management is essential for business success. According to Ahmad (2020), Business Process Management is a set of techniques to discover a business process, develop designs for the process, monitor the process by measuring its data, as well as optimizing the process with human, financial, and technological resources.  According to Kasim et al. (2018), “Business Process Management (BPM) represents a constant process in which employees of the BPM department constantly analyze company’s business processes and enhance the same, improve or change them using Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR)” (p.2). The main objective of every goal is profits maximization. Ahmad (2020) also stated that “past researchers have visualized this set in a BPM lifecycle with subsequent phases to address a business process, namely iterations that begin with process identification and process discovery, then process analysis and redesign, leading towards implementation and finally monitoring and control” (p.2). The BPM lifecycle requires ideas and innovations to obtain results faster. The innovations should follow the organizational goals to comply with the needs of skillful digital knowledge in the economy. Thus, BPM is dynamic and has a more balanced view in terms of innovative and incremental processes with enhanced flexibility features.

The discipline of a dynamic BPM has transformed knowledge within businesses processes. BPM is changing to accommodate a broad level of an organization’s performance in different perspectives. According to Ahmad (2020), “for example, faster innovations in business processes increase productivity and raise company revenue, and since business process modeling and related objects are seen as prominent BPM sub-areas, which are now reshaping abruptly, prior studies have mostly contributed to these domains while other BPM sub-areas such as ambidextrous BPM have been largely ignored in the BPM discipline from an innovation perspective” (p.3). BPM core values are culture, strategic alignment, people and governance, which play an essential role in implementing a business process. An organization’s structure supports the adoption of BPM on the hierarchies, which include, assembly line workers, boards and managers (Ahmad, 2020). An organization’s external environment includes customers, stakeholders and competitors, and they influence the features of BPM when a more advanced technology is introduced in the market. It is essential for Business Process Management to adopt digital trends.

Digital Innovation (DI) Trends in BPM

BPM incorporates digital innovations. According to Ahmad (2020), “digital innovations apply new technologies to resolve existing business problems and practices in order to achieve new business models, products, services and/or processes” (p.3). Nowadays, business processes are increasingly prioritized in the context of digital innovation. According to Looy (2021), “business process management (BPM) has thus become a valuable field for many practitioners by offering methods, techniques and management principles to strategically align business processes and achieve higher business results, compliance and long-term competitiveness (p.1). The new advanced technologies lead to the execution of different activities in a business process; This enables the collaboration of work teams, which affects the cycles of BPM influentially at the redesign phase. Some of examples of digital innovations are easy and simple integrations of the IT systems and operations and secure payments of the automatic price updates. BPM in the digital economy transforms and creates new opportunities for encouraging business processes. An example is that the new advanced IT automates several manual tasks using the intelligent devices and internet-based. According to Ahmad (2020), “an extensive use of social technologies encourages push and pull factors in marketing, leading to increased sales volumes and customer interactions or emerging technologies also help during process analysis, namely for tracking and monitoring in a fast and efficient manner” (p.1). Some of the digital innovation trends of BPM include an ever-changing customer experience, an increasing need for business IT alignment, and faster process innovations. Thus, these digital trends in BPM have been adopted to categorize and bridge the rigor-relevance gap, which is essential as they are interdependent in order to acquire rigorous insights important for the society.

BPM-DI Trend 1: Ever-Changing Customer Experience

The first trend of BPM-DI implies that the digital technologies continuously. According to Hoyer et al (2020) “new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), virtual assistants, chatbots, and robots, which are typically powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), are dramatically transforming the customer experience” (p.1). According to Ahmad (2020) “with enriched data management and big data analytics, organizations can use data for incorporating customer-centric offerings and the market responsiveness and creating value propositions about customer requirements are the basics of developing a new and exceptional customer experience” (p.4). Applying big data analytics can use the data used for incorporating a customer-centric offering with data management and big analytics. Ahmad (2020) also stated that “when organizations have a massive amount of data, applying big data analytics can help identify and differentiate between customer profiles based on a faster retrieval of information than before and providing a personalized facility can provide positive customer relationships” (p.4). Thus, the first BPM-DI trend is the ever-changing customer experience.


In conclusion, BPM is essential in business because it improves customer interactions. Increasing a business success entails improving the overall performance of the business.  Artificial intelligence uses data to enable business people to make decisions, and one example of this is that many organizations use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in order to store and share real-time information of customers. The invention of new advanced technologies changes the customers experience. Advanced technology reshapes the business process management from its traditional version to an explorative variant. The results of BPM fields focus on customer engagement, value creation, knowledge-intensic business process and managing human-centric. An inadequate management of business management processes and lack of systematic approach creates unnecessary business processes increases inefficiency, and reduces the level of competitiveness which influences the company’s ability to succeed and last long-term.




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