Benefits and Challenges of Career Counselling

Career counselling is beneficial for all people in te work space but it also comes with its challenges. Explain.



Benefits and Challenges of Career Counselling




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Career Counseling

“Your career is like a garden, and it can hold an assortment of life’s energy that yields a bounty for you. ” is a famous quote by Jennifer Ritchie Payette. According to Gati et al. (2020), “Career choices are among the most important decisions people make during their lifetime” p.1). According to Maree et al. (2019), in today’s society, “a need for the development of innovative skills and changes in attitude towards work requirements has arisen in response to these rapid advancements” (p.2). Career counselling is essential as it guides one to know about the work field and how to make a career. According to Savickas (2019), “career counseling is a type of advice-giving and support provided by career counselors to their clients, to help the clients manage their journey through life, learning and work changes; This includes career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development and dealing with other career-related issues” (p.1).  Career counseling dates back from the nineteenth century. “While until the 1970s a strongly normative approach was characteristic for theories and for the practice of career counseling, new models have their starting point in the individual needs and transferable skills of the clients while managing biographical breaks and discontinuities” (p.1). Throughout the decades, career counseling has shifted to techniques that serves the clients better. Thus, through career counselling, individuals are provided with information that will guide them and assist them in making career decisions by enabling them identify their values, personality, and career interest.

There are trained professionals who offer career counselling services. According to Savickas (2019), “the terminology of ‘career counseling’ typically denotes a professional intervention which is conducted either one-on-one or in a small group” (p.1). Trained professionals are responsible for providing career counselling services to people seeking to attain their career goals. People seek career counseling services when they are desiring to change into a different career, starting their career or when they are currently facing career challenges. Career counseling also enables the clients know how to write their curriculum vitae and resumes during their job search. “Career counseling includes a wide variety of professional activities which help people deal with career-related challenges. Career counselors work with individuals seeking to explore career options, experienced professionals contemplating a career change, parents who want to return to the world of work after taking time to raise their child, or people seeking employment” (Savickas 2019, p.1).  Career counselling is beneficial for all people in te work space but it also comes with its challenges.

Benefits and Challenges of Career Counselling

Benefits of Career Counselling

Career counseling has many benefits, like advising people about career challenges. Some of the career challenges that career counseling can provide solutions to include losing a job and changing from one career to practice another. According to Savickas (2019) “Through their counseling and teaching abilities, career counselors can support people in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for them personally, how they can plan their careers autonomously, or help them in making tough decisions and getting through times of crisis” (p.1). Career counselling professionals enable individuals explore the career options they are interested in in order to choose their career paths. “professional career counselors can support people with career-related challenges through their expertise in career development and labor markets, they can put a person’s qualifications, experience, strengths and weakness in a broad perspective while also considering their desired salary, personal hobbies and interests, location, job market and educational possibilities” (Savickas 2019 p.1). According to Maree (2018) “the longer-term aim of career counselling is to help people manage change and occupational transitions throughout their career-lives” (p.1). By providing people with the knowledge required to help them make decisions that will favor their careers, career counselors help people achieve their career goals; This can mostly benefit the people who are unsure of what career path to make or are shifting their careers. Thus, career counseling is beneficial because it gives people solutions when they face career challenges.

Challenges Faced in Career Counselling

The major challenge when it comes to career counseling is low numbers of participants. According to Savickas (2019), “In the UK, 70% of people under 14 say they have had no careers advice while 45% of people over 14 have had no or very poor/limited advice; This is because some client groups tend to reject the interventions made by professional career counselors preferring to rely on the advice of peers or superiors within their profession” (p.1). Many people are unaware of the importance of career counseling which can make them be unwilling to seek out the services. “In the 2010s, increasingly people rely on career web portals to seek advice on resume writing and handling interviews and research various professions and companies and to get a vocational assessment done online” (Savickas 2019, p.1). Many people also assume that the people seeking career counseling services have already failed in their careers, and therefore most individuals do not seek out the services because of fear of being judged; This makes people seek advice from other channels like friends, family and online. Thus, the major challenge when it comes to career counselling is low numbers of participants due to stigma associated with it.


In conclusion, c areer counselling gives one the information they need in order to choose the steps to take in their career paths through identifying their strengths and weaknesses. Through c areer counselling, individuals are able to choose a career that aligns with their values and interests. Career counselling professionals also motivate the people who have lost their jobs and face challenges like conflict in the workplace by advising them on the best measures to find solutions. Career counselling should be encouraging as it enables individuals achieve their career goals and have fulfilling careers.




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