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Question Part
Submissions Used Earth’s magnetic field is generated by:

A. Earth’s inner core B. Earth’s outer core    C. Earth’s inner mantle D. Earth’s asthenosphere E. Earth’s lithosphere

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Select all that apply. Convection occurs in:

A. Earth’s asthenosphere B. Earth’s lithosphereC. Earth’s troposphere D. Earth’s stratosphere



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Question Part
Submissions Used (Image Credit: NASA) Which of the following statements is not true:

A. Convection carries man-made chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) up to the stratosphere. B. Ultraviolet light from the sun dissociates the chlorine.    C. Chlorine acts as a catalyst that turns ozone (O3) into oxygen (O2). D. One chlorine atom destroys approximately 100 ozone molecules. E. Ozone absorbs and consequently protects us from carcinogenic ultraviolet light from the sun.


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Question Part
Submissions Used Although robots have largely taken the place of humans for travel to the moon and beyond, humans will likely return to the moon someday. Where should we land? Calculate how hot it gets when the sun is directly overhead. (The moon reflects 12% of incoming light back into space.)

A. 269 K B. 359 K    C. 381 K D. 393 K E. 1134 K


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Question Part
Submissions Used (Image Credit: NASA) Earth’s average surface temperature has risen by about 1 °F over the past 30 years. The primary cause of this is increasing levels of:

A. Solar irradiance B. Water vapor in the atmosphere    C. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere D. Methane in the atmosphere E. Nitrous oxide in the atmosphere F. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in the atmosphere G. Ozone in the atmosphere


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Question Part
Submissions Used (Image Credit: NASA) Which lunar formation theory is considered to be most likely?

A. Sister theory: The moon and Earth formed together, with the moon in orbit around Earth. B. Capture theory: The moon formed elsewhere, but was captured by Earth’s gravitational field and settled into orbit around Earth.    C. Daughter theory: When Earth was still molten, it was rotating so rapidly that a piece of it split off and formed the moon. D. Impact theory: When Earth was still molten, a Mars-sized object struck it and debris that was thrown off into space pulled itself together gravitationally and formed the moon.


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Question Part
Submissions Used

Tides are highest:

A. On the side of Earth that is facing the moon B. On the side of Earth that is facing away from the moon    C. When the moon is new or full D. When the moon is first quarter or third quarter E. A & C F. A & D G. B & C H. B & D I. A & B & C J. A & B & D


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Question Part
Submissions Used (Image Credit: NASA) Earth is warming! About how hot would it have to get for us to lose the oxygen in our atmosphere to space?

A. 254 K B. 283 K     C. 380 K D. 2,260 K E. 4,530 K F. 163,000 K


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Question Part
Submissions Used

Select all that apply. Differentiation is responsible for:

A. Earth’s core being denser than its mantle B. The moon’s core being denser than its mantleC. The moon’s core being offset toward Earth D. The moon’s mantle being offset toward Earth E. Maria only on the near side of the moon



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Question Part
Submissions Used Consider the moon rocks that the crew of Apollo 11 brought back from Mare Tranquillitatis. Within the zircon crystals within these rocks, we find approximately 15 atoms of 207Pb for every atom of 235U. How old is Mare Tranquillitatis?

A. ≈0.7 billion years B. ≈2.1 billion years    C. ≈2.9 billion years D. ≈3.6 billion years E. ≈4.5 billion years F. ≈18 billion years


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