Immigrants in the US Are A Solution, Not the Problem Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Research Essay (20%)

(Topic: Immigrants In US Are A Solution, Not The Problem)

Due: December 7

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  • A glossary of key terms with a minimum of 5 entries
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  • Purpose of the essay
  • Scope and parameters of essay and research
  • Clear and concise thesis (claim) /2
  • Outline of main sections of the essay

Analytical body paragraphs with the following:

  • Data/grounds to support claim (including different types of evidence from research)
  • Warrant(s) and backing for the data
  • Qualifiers that explain the limitations of the argument and any conditions for the warrant (rebuttal)


  • Recaps the claim and relevance of the issue
  • Suggests recommendations for further research or steps to further address the issue

Organization and Style /3

Grammar and mechanics

Paragraph structure

Style and tone

Formatting /5

Title page and abstract

10 in-text citations (APA or MLA format)

References/ Works Cited (APA or MLA format)



Immigrants in the US Are A Solution, Not the Problem Argumentative Essay





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Immigrants in the US Are A Solution, Not the Problem Argumentative Essay

A famous quote by former president, Barack Obama, states, “A child on the other side of the border is no less worthy of love and compassion than my own child.” Immigration in the US Immigration has been a contentious issue in the United States for many years. According to Markides (2019), “The rising number of immigrants to the United States and other western countries during the end of the 20th century and beyond has been accompanied by increasing interest in their characteristics, most notably, their health status and care needs” (p.1). Most immigrants migrate to the US for the “American dream.” He also stated that the influx of legal and illegal immigrants sparked debate and controversy over their effects on American society. Some argue that immigrants take jobs away from native-born citizens, strain the welfare system, and commit crimes at a higher rate than native-born citizens. Others argue that immigrants are a vital part of American society and economy and that their contributions far outweigh any adverse effects. This paper discusses how immigrants in the US are a solution, not a problem.

Benefits of Immigration in the US

Economic Benefits of Immigration in the US

Immigrants have been a driving force behind the economic growth and development of the United States for centuries. According to Borjas (2019), “Immigration is sometimes claimed to be a key contributor to economic growth” (p.1). One of the most significant economic benefits of Immigration is the increase in the labor force and economic growth. Immigrants bring new skills, talents, and perspectives to the American workforce, which helps to create jobs and boost economic growth. Borjas (2019) also claimed that the presence of immigrants in the workforce could also lead to increased productivity and innovation, as immigrants often bring new ideas and ways of thinking to the workplace. Immigrant-owned businesses are also significant contributors to the economy and local communities. For example, According to Min (2017), Korean immigrants in Los Angeles helped to create the “K-town” neighborhood, which is now a thriving center of business and culture. Similarly, Cambodian immigrants in Long Beach, California, have created a thriving community centered around the Cambodian American Heritage Museum and the annual Cambodian New Year’s Festival. Thus, Immigration in the US has helped boost the economy.

Cultural Diversity and Enrichment in the United States Through Immigration

Immigration has long been a driving force behind cultural diversity and enrichment in the United States. According to Schuck (2018), “Immigration is one of the critical issues of our time” (p.1). He also states that Immigration in the US brings new perspectives, customs, and traditions that help to create a more vibrant and dynamic society. For example, immigrants have introduced new music, art, and cuisine styles that have become an integral part of American culture. Immigrants also bring different languages, religions, and beliefs that help to create a more tolerant and accepting society. Immigrants have also significantly shaped American culture through their contributions to art, music, food, and more. According to Campbell (2021), an example of the contributions of Latino immigrants to American music can be seen in the popularity of genres such as Salsa, Merengue, and Reggaeton. Similarly, immigrants from Asia have played a significant role in introducing new styles of cuisine, such as Chinese, Korean, and Thai food, that are now staples in American dining. Thus, Immigration has promoted cultural diversity and enrichment in the US.

Negative stereotypes and Misconceptions About Immigration in the United States.

Immigrants Take Jobs away from Native-Born Citizens

One common misconception about immigrants is that they take jobs away from native-born citizens. According to Chouhy (2019), “Immigration control was at the center of the political debate, and it is an important component of the Trump administration agenda” (p.1). He also states that the claims that immigrants are that they take jobs away from native-born citizens are not valid since studies have shown that this is not the case. According to him, immigrants often fill labor shortages in industries such as construction, agriculture, and hospitality, where there is a shortage of native-born workers. Immigrants also create jobs by starting their businesses, which employ native-born citizens. Thus, the claims that immigrants take jobs from native-born citizens are invalid.

Immigrants are Disproportionately Involved in Crime.

Another common misconception about immigrants is that they are disproportionately involved in crime. According to Knight (2023), “There is a long history of xenophobia, or fear of immigrants, around the world, and these negative perceptions of immigrants can apply to many different issues” (p.1). According to him, studies have shown that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native-born citizens. Many immigrants come to the United States to escape violence and poverty in their home countries and are not interested in becoming involved in criminal activity. The misconception that immigrants are involved in crime also promotes the claim that they burden the welfare system. According to Heinrich (2018), many immigrants are not eligible for public benefits, and those who have often paid taxes and contributed to the economy. Immigrants make significant contributions to the economy and society and are not a burden on the welfare system. Thus, the claims that immigrants are disproportionately involved in crime are false.


In conclusion, the benefits of Immigration are clear. Immigrants increase the labor force, create jobs, and boost economic growth. Their entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to local communities are also undeniable. Also, the cultural contributions of immigrants in the United States are undeniable. They bring new perspectives, customs, and traditions that help to create a more vibrant and dynamic society. Their contributions to art, music, food, fashion, science, technology, and education have been immense and have enriched American culture in countless ways. Facts or evidence do not support the misconceptions about immigrants in the United States. Immigrants do not take jobs away from native-born citizens, are not disproportionately involved in crime, and are not a burden on the welfare system. Instead, immigrants play a vital role in the American economy and culture, and their contributions should be recognized and valued. It is important to challenge these misconceptions and to work towards creating fair and just immigration policies that recognize the value of immigrants to American society. Instead of viewing immigrants as a burden, we should recognize them as an asset to the United States and work towards creating fair and just immigration policies that allow them to integrate into society and fully contribute to its success.


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