Aging Questions

Discussion 1 – Aging (300 words) –

Please find an older adult who has struggled with finances or health care.  If you don’t have a family member or friend to interview, contact your local senior center and ask if there is someone who is willing to volunteer as an interviewee.  To the degree to which the older adult is willing, explore how his/her financial or health care standing put him/her at risk or influenced his/her well-being.  Summarize the most important parts of the conversation in 300 words and upload it here.

Discussion 2 – Aging (300 words)

Pick a community organization or senior residence for an onsite interview of a professional whose responsibility it is to coordinate/direct the operations.  Options include, but are not limited to, local:

· Area Agencies on Aging (aka Office of the Aging)

· Sr. Centers

· Independent Living Facilities

· Assisted Living Facilities

· Nursing Homes


Collect factual information about the services provided by the organization/facility, the types of participants, and eligibility (entry) and discharge (exit) criteria for the participants. Include your personal observations as well.  Summarize your thoughts in 300 words and upload the document here.

Discussion 3- Aging (250 words)

What civic/social/governmental programs do you believe most helpful to those elders at risk for abuse?  Have you ever seen abuse?  What did you do?

Discussion 4- Aging (250 words)

Let’s focus on end-of-life care.  Originally, I was going to give you more freedom for this discussion, but focus on end-of-life care from your perspective as a health care provider. Please share what has been most difficult for you – most rewarding – and what changes need to be made to make this time in everyone’s lives easier.

Reply to the following discussion post on the topic above: (150 words) – Thoughtful, thought provoking analysis of the topic

Just today, I saw a commercial for Action for Older Persons. This is a nonprofit group that is based in my area and tries to educate older people to make the best decisions for themselves. According to their mission, they strive to be the area’s leading resource for information to improve quality of life for older adults, while providing advocacy, individualized counseling, and unbiased information to empower older adults and their families to make informed decisions. Some of the services they provide are 1:1 technology tutoring, monthly and quarterly letters detailing new scams against older people, and assistance with advanced directives. Today, the commercial I saw outlined a basic plan on hiring contractors, to prevent against the elderly being taken advantage of (Action for Older Persons, 2018). I believe this may be one of the most helpful ways to make a difference for elders who are at risk for abuse, as it is more of a personal, community level of help. They also do not require you to have a membership or spend a lot of money, which could be a scam in and of itself.

As an RN, I have seen many patients who have interesting relationships with their families and caregivers. The most frequent type of abuse I have seen is related to caregiver strain. I recently had a woman who had bad arthritis and needed to be re-positioned frequently to be comfortable. This required her son to wake up frequently to care for her at home. While in the unfamiliar environment of the hospital, she was more uncomfortable than usual. The caregiver did not trust that staff could make her comfortable or that she would ring for help, so he stayed every night to ensure she was comfortable. While he tried his best to avoid neglect, in doing so he began to emotionally abuse her. He would become so frustrated when she needed to be adjusted that he would scold and yell at her. While placing her pillows, he would shove them under her so violently that it made me uncomfortable. While he never did physical harm to her, the way he acted was exasperated and pushy. The plan for her care was to discharge her home with him. I passed along to both the next shift and discharge planners that I thought it was a bad idea and stated what I had seen. Unfortunately, I did not work the next few days so I was unable to follow up with her care.

Topic- Anthropology

Discussion 1- Anthropology (250 words) on Chapter 16 and 18 from the book “Conformity and Conflict Readings in Cultural Anthropology (14th Edition)”- Attached.

1. Define ecology and political economy, and describe both the value and limitations of this way of understanding humans and their relationship to their environment

2. Describe the five major subsistence strategies and their social and political correlates

3. Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of our contemporary post-industrial society as opposed to the other subsistence strategies and political systems studied this week

Discussion 2- Anthropology (250 words)

1. Define key terms in the study of kinship, family, marriage, gender, and sexuality.

2. Evaluate your own culturally constructed notions of family and love, on the basis of cross-cultural comparison.

3. Describe and critique the differences between “sex” and “gender.”

4. Describe how sexuality and gender identity overlap and how they are mutually enforced through socio-cultural rules, including informal sanctions and formal punishment or threat of punishment.

Topic- Microeconomics

Discussion 1- Microeconomics (250 words)-Thoughtful, thought provoking analysis of the topic

Week 6 gave us our first look at two market structures on polar opposites end of the spectrum – perfect competition and monopolies. Even when a real-world firm is not a theoretically pure competitive firm or theoretically pure monopoly, they may have enough features of one to be usefully modeled as such. This week’s discussion will look at some real world examples.

First, respond to the following:

Give an example of a real-world perfectly competitive market. Briefly explain your choice.

Give an example of a real-world monopolist. Briefly explain your choice.

* Your examples for (1) and (2) must be businesses, not government entities/agencies.

Second, respond to one of the following:

Identify a real-world example of a sunk cost and explain why this cost does not affect decisions going forward. Your example can use a business, a professional sports team, or your personal life.

Identify a real-world firm that engages in price discrimination and explain their price discrimination strategy and how explain how it improves profits. You may not use examples in any of the Week 6 materials.

Discussion 2- Microeconomics (250 words)-Thoughtful, thought provoking analysis of the topic.

This week examined two more market structures. Because our main focus was on monopolistically competitive firms, and because they appear quite frequently in the economy, we will build upon what we learned in this week’s discussion.

Please respond to  two  of the following questions. Be sure to identify which questions you are responding to in your initial post.

1. What is “monopolistic” about monopolistic competition? What is “competitive” about monopolistic competition? Please explain.

2. Suppose that A Cleaner World invents a new type of laundry detergent that has an ingredient that stops stains from setting into clothes. If the laundry detergent market is monopolistically competitive, explain what will happen to the price of its product in the short run. What will happen in the long run?

3. Explain the following statement “If the amount of product differentiation in a monopolistically competitive industry is very small, the outcome in that market will be similar to a perfectly competitive industry.”

4. Can a monopolistically competitive firm earn large positive profits in the long run? Please explain.

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