In planning an advanced construction, it is important to understand the relationship between a construction and a design. The two processes are best viewed as integrated systems (Thanh Binh, 2016). In advanced construction, the design is used to refer to the process of creating a description of a new project or a program. Construction on the other hand refers to the process of identifying the activities and resources required to make a design a physical reality (Thanh Binh, 2016). Therefore, construction involves the implementation of a design created by engineers and architects. This paper discusses ten examples of projects and programs that are under construction.

1. Steel Frame Supporting a Turbo-Blower

This project was designed to help in supplying pressurized air in the steel mill. Its main purpose is to supply the air to a blast furnace. The turbo-blower consists of a blower linked to an inlet stack that allows air in and the turbine (Thanh Binh, 2016). However, the major concern of the turbo-blower is vibration. This is what makes its operation possible. fig3_8.JPG (90319 bytes)

Figure 1.0 Steel Frame Supporting a Turbo-Blower

2. Design of a tie-back retaining wall
A tie-back retaining wall is an example of projects that were built in the 1960s when such constructions were not very common. The projects of this kind pose a considerable risk to the engineer and the owner (Thanh Binh, 2016). Therefore, they pose a potential risk of financial losses from both litigation and remedial costs. However, retaining the wall failed which also led to the failure of the slope.
fig3_9.GIF (3604 bytes)

Figure1.1 Typical Cross Section of Hillside Adjoining Site

3. Groundwater Pollution from a Landfill
This is a project that is usually started to help in collecting the waste deposits in a potential construction. However, under the regulation in the United States, the owner of a facility is held responsible for any waste deposits from his project (Thanh Binh, 2016). This is the reason why most of the construction projects create this subproject for collecting waste deposits. This project is commonly known as a pushover dump which is commonly located in a depression on a slope.
fig3_11.JPG (38802 bytes)
Figure 1.2 Cross-Section Illustration of a Landfill
4. system utility

A system utility is software program that is used in advanced construction to help the engineers manage the different parts of the construction. It is usually installed in the computer systems of the engineers to provide them with all details of the construction (Thanh Binh, 2016). It allows them to manage the construction more effectively.

System utility | Article about System utility by The Free Dictionary

Figure 1.3 Section system utility software in a computer system

5. Navisworks Software Program

Navisworks is a software program used by the construction engineers to review their projects. It is mostly used to improve and coordinate the building information modeling (Shanthi, 2017). It is used to combine the construction data in one model and resolve the clash problems that may occur before construction.

Navisworks Features | What’s New In Navisworks 2021 | Autodesk

Figure 1.5 A sample of navisworks software

6. Viewpoint Spectrum

Spectrum software is used in the construction project to help the engineers with enough information to completely manage the construction. It combines accounting, job costs, and other important data in a single based cloud application program (Son & Kim, 2019). It helps the engineers with service management information and equipment functionality management.


Figure 1.6 viewpoint spectrum

7. Construct

This is project management software that is mostly used in advanced construction. The CoConstruct program is used to provide homebuilders with important tools to manage their projects. It helps the engineers with the best tools to manage the finances used in the construction as well as the clients (Son & Kim, 2019). Engineers use this software to sync data from the estimates, make changes on the orders through the use of QuickBooks and online services.

CoConstruct Product Overview

Figure 1.6 CoConstruct

8. Green buildings

Green building projects are also known as green construction. It refers to the project structure and the application processed (Thanh Binh, 2016). This is the type of advanced construction project that is environmentally responsible. It is a resource-efficient project through the life-cycle of the building project.

Advantages of Sustainable Building Design for Owners and Tenants [Video]

Figure 1.7 example of a green building project

9. Top-Down Design of a Hospital Project

This is a spatial layout project for a hospital. It is a functional construction model for hospitals in which several divisions of the project are shown schematically (Shanthi, 2017). This means that upon the completion of the project the hospital departments are situated down in a hierarchical manner.

Project Management for Construction: The Design and Construction Process

Figure 1.8 top-down design of hospital design

10. Bottom-up Design of a hospital project

This is a multipurpose project that suite the hospital in a bottom-up style. The basic elements in this project are first organized into several zones making up the bottom room (Son & Kim, 2019). However, the bottom room is required to perform the desired services which are determined by a spatial layout. Finally, the entire hospital project design is defined by parts of the multipurpose examination suite.

fig3_7.GIF (5033 bytes)

Figure 1.9 Bottom-up design of a hospital project

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