Establishing Excellent Communication Skills Research


  • Employ new learning technologies that will enable you to create shared learning strategies and libraries, conduct effective internet research, and research/locate appropriate objective criteria.
  • Apply proper APA style writing and avoid plagiarism
  • Gain familiarity with legal terminology and analyze the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Entertainment Industry.

During this week of Negotiation & Deal-Making, you will practice your research and writing skills. Researching issues efficiently and accurately and knowing how to communicate them will make you a more effective negotiator. Establishing excellent research and communication skills takes practice. Exercises like this assignment will help you expand upon your research and communication skills.


  •  Write a two (2) to three (3) page paper in APA format based upon, how Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is used in the entertainment industry.
  • There are many forms of ADR.  Pick three forms to discuss.
  • Define each form of ADR you have chosen and how each form works.  Additionally, apply a minimum analysis of how ADR would or would not reduce expenses, protect privacy, and be more efficient with time.
  • Provide an analysis of a case study that utilized ADR or in the alternative, analyze how another dispute could have been handled differently if ADR had been utilized.
  • Collect a minimum of five (5) resources using online databases, such as EBSCOhost and LexisUni. You may use other reliable online sources, but two must be from the Full Sail Library.
  • You need to include a title page and reference page, which are not included in the page count.
  • This paper MUST be written in uploaded on a WORD .DOC


  • Upload the paper to both the FSO platform and You will receive an  email through FSO with the Class name, Class ID, and password the week the assignment is due. This is mandatory, failure to comply will result in a grade of zero.

Here are some important points to remember:

  • Make sure to use an in-text citation after every sentence that contains a fact or assertion. In other words, there should be an in-text citation after every single sentence unless it’s clearly an opinion. For example, “one may argue that the Beatles were the greatest band of the 20th Century.”  That is clearly an opinion whereas, writing, “The Beatles were the greatest band of the 20th Century”, is stating a fact and must be backed up by a credible source with an in-text citation.
  • Do not write in first person. APA does not allow it.
  • Full Sail policy states that your paper should not contain more than 10% quoted material.  Therefore, utilize your ability to paraphrase.

As always, please refer to the important class information in FSO concerning the late policy, original work, grammar, punctuation and sentence construction.

Week 3 Training Archive

This week we are discussing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  Please review the archived session below and I encourage you to review APA style writing.  I expect an in-text citation after every single sentence, unless it is clearly an opinion.  You will be receiving an email from me later this week with registration information.

Additionally, I am providing you with some helpful hints when writing in APA and they are as follows:

1) Font – Times New Roman

2) Font size – 12 pt.

3) Spacing – Double

4) Don’t forgot about the Running Head

5) page number (top right hand corner of paper)

6) Margins 1 inch all 4 sides

7) No Bold type only if you use sub headings.

8) No underlining

9) Only use quotations when directly quoting another source (only quote 10% or less of your paper)

10) References page is in alphabetical order of the author’s last name, if no author, then the title.

Here are some words of wisdom:

It is better to over cite than to under cite.

In other words, do not Plagiarize. You MUST have an in-text citation after EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE unless it’s your own thought or common knowledge. Even if you paraphrase a source, your sentence MUST have an in-text citation.

In Text Citations are (Author’s last name, year source was published) Ex. (Smith, 2014). If quoting from a book (Author’s last name, Year published, page number) Ex. (Jones, 2014, p. 5). If a website without an author (Website address up to the .com, year published). Ex. (, 2015). If you mention the author within the sentence, you still need to provide the year published and a page number if it’s a book. Ex. Smith states in his book, higher learning, that everyone can accomplish his or her goals (2014, p. 89).

When you quote in APA format, you are only allowed to quote 40 words at a time unless you are block quoting, be careful here as block quoting will take up a majority of your 10% that you are allowed to quote.

The use of quotations is very specific in APA. You should only use quotes when directly taking another author’s words directly and that sentence should always be followed up with an in-text citation. When emphasizing a word use italics only. For example, if you want to emphasize the word, wow. You would simply use italics within the sentence: ex. John said wow when Mary walked into the room.

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