Media Writing


Focus/Purpose (25 pts.):

Does the writing follow the guidelines outlined by the assignment directions? Is the writing within the word count specified? Does the writing have a clear and specified subject matter? Is the subject matter supported by factual information?

Organization (20 pts.):

How well organized is the article? Does the work have a smooth ebb and flow? Does the reader get stuck with unanswered questions?

Sources (15 pts.):

Sources are the most important ways to gain information in media writing. There should be a variety of indirect and direct quotes and supporting details (research) when necessary. These should ALL be included in the story. Quotes AND information should be meaningful and add color to the writing.

Word Choice (15 pts.):

Is the writing “tight?” Did the writer practice brevity and preciseness? Does the writing use college level vocabulary? Does the writer use excessive jargon and does not define it?

Structure (15 points):

Does the writing contain media writing elements such as lead, nut graph, 5Ws, inverted pyramid, etc.? Does the writing follow the structure for the media writing such as News, Feature, Press Release, etc.?

Mechanics (10 pts.): Is the writing free of conventional errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.? Does the writing utilize Associated Press Guidelines (AP Style)?

Revised 05/2019/KK

News Story/Press Release Rubric/ Revised 05/2019/KK

Ready for Publication (100- 90%)

Needs Minor Editing for publication (89-80%)

Needs revision and leg- work for publication (79- 70%)

Needs major planning, rewriting and editing for publication (69-60%)

Missed the Mark (59- 50%)

Not submitted and/or incomplete 0%

Focus/Purpose (25%)

The assignment is completed as per the instructions. The writing is clear, concise, simple and to the point. It conveys information and ideas to the reader clearly without overstatement and use of unnecessary words or phrases.

The writing is clear, concise, simple and to the point. It conveys some information to the reader.

The focus is vague and contains too much unnecessary information. Lacks clarity. Additional planning and pre-writing required to develop and clarify writing.

Writing lacks focus and requires extensive inferences from the reader. The assignment was not completed within the parameters of the instructions.

Writing misses the mark and does not follow assignment directions. Writing is off topic and does not contain a focus or purpose.

Element was not attempted or poorly executed.

Organization (20%)

Ideas and information well organized and communicated according to the type and focus of story.

Ideas and information sufficiently organized and developed in accordance with the type and focus of story.

Ideas and organization could be strengthened through further development. Story goes off track.

Ideas and organization require additional focus and planning.

Extensive planning and pre-writing required to develop and clarify the writing.

Element was not attempted or poorly executed.

Sources (15%)

Quotes and paraphrasing add life to the story by sharing the newsmaker’s perspective. Writing contains research information attributed correctly.

Quotes and paraphrasing help share the newsmaker’s perspective.

Additional quotes and paraphrasing needed to share newsmaker’s perspective.

Quotes and paraphrasing needed to share newsmaker’s perspective.

Writing is in the first person and does not contain ANY quotes from interviews or outside sources.

Element was not attempted or poorly executed.

Word Choice (15%)

Vibrant word choice and proper usage. The writing is precise and uses words for their exact meanings and does not throw words around carelessly.

Appropriate word choice and usage.

Word choice or usage require editing and revision. Writing could benefit from brevity.

Word choice or usage require development and additional editing and revision.

Word choice is not on college-level and needs improvement.

Element was not attempted or poorly executed.

Structure (15%)

Sentences are fluent and well crafted, paragraphs logical and add to clarity. Sentence length is varied and the nut graph is easily identifiable.

Sentences are fluent and varied, paragraphs logical. Sentence length may be too long or too short. Nut graph is evident.

Sentence fluency and paragraph structure need to be further developed. Nut graph was attempted, but needs revision.

Editing and revision required to strengthen lack of sentence or paragraph sense.

The structure is more like an essay than an article.

Element was not attempted or poorly executed.

Mechanics (10%)

Correct AP Style, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling and contains 0-2 errors.

Occasional errors in AP Style, capitalization, punctuation and spelling and contain 3- 5 errors.

Inconsistent AP Style, Capitalization, punctuation and/or spelling require editing and revision and contain 6-8 errors.

Capitalization, AP Style, punctuation and/or spelling require significant editing and revision and contain 9 errors.

Contains 10 or more errors.

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