History of Rome


1. Plebeian concessions during the Struggle of the Orders included all of the following EXCEPT

2. The Romans treated the Italian peoples they conquered

3. After Carthage’s stunning victory at the battle of Cannae (216 B.C.)

4. The overseas expansion of Rome led to social and economic changes, which included

5. The influx of slaves into Italy in the first century B.C.

6. The most influential philosophy in Rome was

7. The Roman Republic was unable to meet the challenge of empire for all of the following reasons EXCEPT

8. Marius reflects the problems of the late Republic in that he

9. The assassination of Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 B.C.

10. Tiberius Gracchus made himself a spokesman for

11. The tension that erupted in the Struggle of the Orders stemmed from plebeian grievances including

12. Despite reforms made during the Struggle of the Orders, Rome remained an oligarchy because

13. The first stage of Roman expansion was the

14. War between Rome and Carthage began because Rome feared Carthage’s designs on

15. Between 205 B.C. and 148 B.C., Rome fount three wars against

16. Rome’s conquest of the Hellenistic world resulted in

17. Which of the following characterizations of the Republic’s administration of its provinces is NOT accurate?

18. Plautus (c. 254-184 B.C.) was one of Rome’s leading

19. The crisis of agriculture in the late Republic was a result of

20. The senate responded to the challenge posed by the Gracchi by

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