Why is a risk analysis usually performed in solving environmental problems?


Question 1

Why is a risk analysis usually performed in solving environmental problems?

To provide public awareness and endorsement.

To monitor the initial assessment and modeling of the problem.

To solicit public opinion about how evidence should be interpreted when selection a course of action.

To analyze the potential effect of an intervention versus doing nothing.

Question 2

A state agency has contacted you to do a scientific assessment of kudzu in a nature preserve in southern Georgia. They are concerned about the effects of the non-native invasive vine on a small rare plant that grows on the forest floor in the preserve, but which is found nowhere else in the state. Kudzu is only growing in the east side of the preserve because it hasn’t yet had time to invade further. In order to assess the effects of kudzu on the rare plant, you set up the following experiment:

Site 1. On the east side of the park with the kudzu, you set up ten 1m × 1m plots on the forest floor. In each plot you count the number of individuals of the rare plant.

Site 2. On the west side of the park without the kudzu, you set up ten 1m × 1m plots of the forest floor. In each plot you count the number of individuals of the rare plant.

Based solely on the data represented in the associated table, what can you report to the agency that contracted you to do this study?

Site Mean number of individuals of rare plant per plot

Site 1 1.7

Site 2 4.2

Kudzu is shading out the rare plant.

The rare plant is unaffected by the presence of the kudzu.

Fewer individuals of the rare plant grow in the presence of kudzu when compared to areas without kudzu.

It will be impossible to remove kudzu from the park because it grows too fast.

Question 3

The resource shown here can be classified as:

1. perpetually renewable

2. nonrenewable

3. renewable only if they are replanted and given time to grow

1 only

2 only

3 only

both 1 and 2

Question 4

What does this graph suggests about our current use of fossil fuels?

We are treating this resource sustainably as the number of barrels of oil consumed has increased over time.

We are depleting this non-renewable resource at a rate faster today than 20 years ago.

The price of oil will continue to decrease as there is more oil supply than there is demand.

We have found many new sources of oil as reflected in the increase in oil consumption.

Question 5

What does the phrase “environmental sustainability” imply?

The actions of humans directly impact the wellbeing of the natural environment.

Future generations will have the resources necessary for quality of life.

A shared global responsibility is necessary for conservation practices.

All of the above are implied by environmental sustainability.

Question 6

Which of the following ecological footprints is the largest?

Ecological footprint of a single individual in U.S.

Ecological footprint of a single individuals in France

Ecological footprint of a single individuals in India

Ecological footprint of 6 individuals in India

Question 7

The photograph below is an image of Times Square in New York City. Based on the photo, what do you think is USA’s most likely contribution to environmental problems?

1. Environmental sustainability due to the population density in NYC

2. People overpopulation due to the population density in NYC

3. Consumption overpopulation as reflected by the advertising billboards

1 only

2 only

3 only

1 and 2 are both reflected in the photograph

Question 8

What is the environmental significance of the process of “consumption”?

Consumption can outstrip the natural resources available and lead to overexploitation of the environment.

Extravagant consumption can create an environment of raising one’s status among peers.

The process of consumption is an economic act, providing the “demand” necessary for the “supply” of the environment.

Consumption can generate economic growth that relies significantly on the importation of natural resources, which benefits the environments of less-developed countries.

Question 9

A personal perspective based on a collection of basic values and beliefs about how the environment works, that helps us make sense of our place and purpose in it, and determine right and wrong behaviors describes:

Voluntary simplicity

Deep ecology worldview

Western worldview

Environmental worldview

Question 10

What does the photograph BEST represent?

A deep ecology worldview.

Sustainable consumption.

Child labor.


Question 11

Widespread adoption of sustainable consumption at the global level will not be easy because:

sustainable consumption requires the eradication of poverty which requires that poor people increase their consumption of certain essential resources to improve the quality of their lives and these resources are no longer available.

sustainable consumption requires that the consumption patterns of people in highly developed countries must change to allow for the eradication of poverty and such changes in the lifestyles of people in highly developed countries is a challenge.

sustainable consumption requires that everyone embrace voluntary simplicity on a compulsory basis and while this is supported by politicians, economists are not in support.

sustainable consumption requires the excessive reliance on global resources that will result in a tragedy of the commons.

Question 12

Which of the actions indicated in the photographs below would be the BEST way to address the goal of mitigating climate change for achieving sustainable living:

Energy Neutral Construction

Family Planning in Egypt

Bicycle Rack in Amsterdam

Restoration in Indonesia

Energy Neutral Construction

Family Planning in Egypt

Bicycle Rack in Amsterdam

Restoration in Indonesia

Question 13

A type of sustainable consumption which recognizes that individual happiness and quality of life are not necessarily linked to the accumulation of material goods but rather that a person’s values and character define that individual more than how many things he or she own is known as:

environmental ethics

voluntary simplicity

sustainable development

environmental justice

Question 14

What rights does environmental justice seek to provide?

Adequate protection from environmental hazards.

Adequate wealth to live in clean neighborhoods.

The right to follow western worldview ideas.

Ability to live the deep ecology lifestyle.

Question 15

Environmental sustainability implies:

the actions of humans directly impact the wellbeing of the natural environment

future generations will have the resources necessary for quality of life

the environment can function indefinitely without going into a decline from the stresses imposed by human society on natural systems

all of these choices

Question 16

Which of the following is the BEST example of sustainable consumption?

Constructing a house on farmland on the edge of town and carpooling to work.

Flying to the Bahamas for a weekend getaway.

Preparing a meal at home with food bought at the local farmers market.

Purchasing five pairs of shoes at a local minority owned business.

Question 17

National income accounts are incomplete estimates of national economic performance because national income accounts do NOT include

gross domestic product

net domestic product

estimates of imported goods and services

estimates of external costs such as natural resource depletion and the environmental cost of economic activities

Question 18

Which of the following was probably the MOST significant event in 1999 to impact the environment?

The Kyoto Protocol was signed by the United States.

The Exxon Valdez created the world’s largest oil spill.

World human population reached 6 billion individuals.

The first Earth Day celebration was held.

Question 19

What type of pollution control strategy does the Clean Air Act mainly depend on?

command-and-control regulation.

incentive-based regulation.

relative control regulation.

environmental impact statements.

Question 20

What is the BEST definition of preservation?

Setting aside land and natural resources.

Careful management of land and resources.

Using land and natural resources based on current needs.

Multiple use management of land and natural resources.

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