Peacemaking criminology suggests the adoption of a peace model based on:

Question 1 of 40
Peacemaking criminology suggests the adoption of a peace model based on:
A. retribution.
B. goal setting.
C. reconciliation.
D. negotiation.

Question 2 of 40
Patriarchy refers to:
A. female dominance.
B. male dominance.
C. male government.
D. gender equality.

Question 3 of 40
George Vold saw crime as:
A. a necessary function.
B. manifestation of denied needs and values.
C. a worthwhile struggle.
D. None of the above

Question 4 of 40
In 1905, who described the struggle between the haves and the have-nots as a natural consequence of a capitalist society?
A. George Vold
B. William Chambliss
C. Richard Quinney
D. Willem Bonger

Question 5 of 40
Peacemaking criminology attempts to eliminate crime by:
A. increasing penalties.
B. hiring more police.
C. hiring social workers.
D. ending suffering.

Question 6 of 40
Dispute resolution programs involve:
A. binding arbitration by neutral parties.
B. special courts.
C. plea bargains.
D. designated locations.

Question 7 of 40
This type of criminology suggests that social control agencies and citizens should work together to alleviate social problems and human suffering and thus reduce crime.
A. Constitutive
B. Peacemaking
C. Semiotic
D. Anarchic

Question 8 of 40
According to the conflict perspective, conflicts between groups:
A. can be avoided through the use of the legal system.
B. are inevitable.
C. cause power vacuums.
D. can be changed though negotiation.

Question 9 of 40
Justice based on integration rather than on punishment is known as:
A. restorative.
B. participatory.
C. adversarial.
D. peace.

Question 10 of 40
Traditional criminological theory assumes:
A. men and women are the same.
B. men are superior.
C. women are superior.
D. age is more important than gender.

Question 11 of 40
The conflict perspective suggests that the fundamental nature of group conflict centers on:
A. the exercise of political power.
B. finances.
C. education.
D. democracy.

Question 12 of 40
According to the conflict perspective, the fundamental nature of group conflict centers on:
A. the exercise of political power.
B. the accumulation of wealth.
C. socially significant differences.
D. None of the above

Question 13 of 40
Radical feminists would suggest that the elimination of male domination would:
A. reduce rates of female crime.
B. increase rates of female crime.
C. reduce rates of male crime.
D. increase rates of male crime.

Question 14 of 40
The book, Class, State, and Crime was written by:
A. Richard Quinney.
B. Jeffrey Reiman.
C. William Chambliss.
D. George Vold.

Question 15 of 40
According to Freda Adler and Rita Simon, existing differences in crime rates between men and women are due primarily to:
A. biology.
B. social inequality.
C. genetic disposition.
D. cultural mannerisms.

Question 16 of 40
A spokesperson for modern radical thinkers, he said criminal behavior results from the coercive power of the state to enforce the will of the ruling class.
A. Ralf Dahrendorf
B. William Chambliss
C. Harold Pepinsky
D. Richard Quinney

Question 17 of 40
The gender gap in crime refers to:
A. increasing crime by women.
B. more crime by men than women.
C. more women victims.
D. None of the above

Question 18 of 40
According to the restorative justice movement, crime is seen primarily as an offense against:
A. governmental authority.
B. another person.
C. society.
D. It is not an offense.

Question 19 of 40
Karl Marx defined the proletariat as the:
A. have-nots.
B. ruling class.
C. Communist Party.
D. royalty.

Question 20 of 40
Which of the following probably would be expected of a modern radical criminologist?
A. A call for the reinstatement of capital punishment.
B. A demand for the elimination of hiring quotas in the criminal justice system.
C. An emphasis on increasing funding for the construction of new prisons.
D. A call for the elimination of police misconduct.

Part 2 of 2 –


Question 21 of 40
Juveniles are more likely to be involved in arson in:
A. cities.
B. suburbs.
C. rural areas.
D. There is no difference among areas.

Question 22 of 40
The largest percentage of vehicles are stolen from:
A. a parking lot or garage.
B. the victim’s residence.
C. the victim’s place of work.
D. None of the above

Question 23 of 40
The primary theoretical perspective used to explain the fact that victims and offenders who are intimately known to each other are disproportionately represented in homicide statistics is:
A. the general theory of crime.
B. the subculture of violence thesis.
C. selective disinhibition.
D. the critical criminological perspective.

Question 24 of 40
Which of the following would not be considered a hate crime motivation?
A. Racial bias
B. Religious bias
C. Bias based on marital status
D. Bias based on ethnicity/national origin.

Question 25 of 40
A fence commits the crime of:
A. burglary.
B. robbery.
C. receiving stolen property.
D. motor vehicle theft.

Question 26 of 40
According to Groth, which rapes involve torture?
A. Power
B. Anger
C. Sadistic
D. Erotic

Question 27 of 40
The most common target for arson is:
A. a structure.
B. mobile property.
C. crops and timber.
D. personal property.

Question 28 of 40
Which act added two years to federal prison sentences for offenders
convicted of using personal data to commit theft?
A. Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act
B. The Identity Theft Prevention Act
C. The Hatch Act
D. The USA Patriot Act

Question 29 of 40
The most frequent type of larceny, according to the UCR, is:
A. shoplifting.
B. theft from a motor vehicle.
C. theft from a building.
D. purse snatching.

Question 30 of 40
A fence who is an amateur considers his crime:
A. professional.
B. avocational.
C. peripheral.
D. episodic.

Question 31 of 40
Which type of serial killer kills for material gain?
A. Visionary
B. Comfort
C. Hedonistic
D. Power seeker

Question 32 of 40
The subculture of violence thesis was originally proposed by:
A. Emile Durkheim.
B. Marvin Wolfgang and Franco Ferracuti.
C. K.R. Williams and R.L. Flewelling.
D. Robert Nash Parker.

Question 33 of 40
Another word for a short-term acute trigger for a mass murder is:
A. predisposer.
B. precipitant.
C. facilitator.
D. situationist.

Question 34 of 40
When a male is killed by a female, the offender is most likely to be:
A. a stranger.
B. his girlfriend.
C. his spouse.
D. a sibling.

Question 35 of 40
Which business is a fence likely to use as a front for their criminal activity?
A. Restaurant
B. Auto parts shop
C. Antique shop
D. All of the above

Question 36 of 40
The first state to redefine “rape” to include a broader range of behaviors, circumstances, and victims was:
A. New York.
B. California.
C. Michigan.
D. Texas.

Question 37 of 40
Which of the following statements about the common law definition of rape is true?
A. The common law recognized rape within marriage.
B. The common law allowed for a variety of acts of sexual penetration.
C. The common law recognized only female victims.
D. The common law allowed for various means by which force could occur.

Question 38 of 40
The most common mass killer kills for:
A. revenge.
B. love.
C. profit.
D. terror.

Question 39 of 40
Most employee theft of cash or merchandise is committed by:
A. short-term employees.
B. long-term employees.
C. high-level executives.
D. groups of employees.
Question 40 of 40
According to Wolfgang, the association between alcohol and victim-precipitated homicides is:
A. positive and significant.
B. positive but not significant.
C. negative and significant.
D. negative but not significant

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